Gwenn Seemel

French-American artist, painter, portraitist.

painted portrait of Richard Speer

Gwenn Seemel’s Richard 2006

-—Paintings from my past—-
Style isn’t static. The portrait pictured here is from 2006, just three years into my career, and it’s quite different from the work I make these days. For more about where the changes come from, check out the origin story of my style.

-—Art talk—-
In 2013, the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington DC invited me to speak about what artists and scientists have in common. Last year, I gave a talk at TEDxGeneva about why imitation is good for artists and for creativity, and the TED experience inspired me to write this book.

-—The Kirk Reeves mural—-
Kirk was a Portland street performer and a friend. He passed away in 2012, and last year I painted a 10 by 38 foot mural portrait of him on NE Grand at Lloyd in Portland, Oregon. This video about the making of this memorial was created by filmmaker Ifanyi Bell for Oregon Public Broadcasting.

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