artist Gwenn Seemel's self-portrait

detail of Gwenn Seemel’s Bunny kisses 2014

I am Gwenn Liberty Seemel. My father wanted to name me Liberty Bell Seemel—after the great Philadelphian e-flat chimer—but made the compromise when my mother pointed out that that particular ding-dong is, in fact, cracked.

Born in Saudi Arabia in 1981, I was raised part-time in San Francisco and part-time in a small village in France. In Brittany, I attended the same grammar school my mother did growing up, and I learned to play a mean game of boule bretonne for an eight year old. Eventually, my family settled in the United States, in Oregon, and, these past few years, I have stayed on. I live in Portland with my sweetheart.

I am a full-time artist and have been for eleven years now. To celebrate my decade of professional art-making in 2013, I wrote an e-book about art marketing. It’s a fun little book that’s more a manifesto than a how-to. Read it here for free or purchase the PDF.

I’m a painter, and my style is something I have been developing since I was fifteen. Without following any particular art movement, I was influenced by everything from from volunteering at a retirement home and taking a printmaking class to trying new brushes and injuring my hand. This article sums up the evolution of my technique with lots of visuals. My style doesn’t have a name, though it has been called “plaid” or even the “Gwenn Seemel” by some art lovers, and I don’t care much about classifying it because it’s simply a part of who I am, a very natural expression of me.

I’m mostly a portraitist, even though sometimes I paint other things. My portrait work comes in two varieties: the individual portrait and the portrait in a series. I paint likenesses of individuals for commission, and I also paint portraits of groups of people for the purpose of exploring a particular issue. I exhibit the latter in conceptual shows. Apple Pie and Subjective are two examples of this kind of work.

My last project, however, did not feature portraits. Crime Against Nature is both a series of animal paintings and a children’s book for the kid in all of us, which can be read here. It explores all the ways women and men in our society feel they have to be in order to be natural, and the book includes a foreword by the evolutionary biologist Dr. Joan Roughgarden.

Last April, I spoke at TEDxGeneva, and the video of the talk is at left! I’m currently working on a book that digs deeper into the issues addressed in this talk. If you want to be notified when it comes out, please email me and I’ll put you on my mailing list.

The video at right is an example of the sort of thing I do on my blog. In it, I talk about how hard work is more important than talent.

In my writing and vlogging, I tend to focus on my own art practice, the business of art, being an artist for free culture, feminism, and the difficulties of living with endometriosis.

Please email me at if you would like to be added to my mailing list for notices about upcoming shows and events or find me online here:

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What follows are some highlights from recent press I have received. To see a full page of clippings go here, or check out the list of articles and interviews in my résumé below.

KOIN Gwenn Seemel

still from KOIN

This summer, I created a mural of Kirk Reeves, the street performer who died in 2012. The mural is on NE Grand at Lloyd in Portland, Oregon, and it was featured on KOIN and KGW as well as in The Oregonian and on this episode of OPB’s State of Wonder.

Creative Insurgents

still from Creative Insurgents

At the beginning of the year, I talked with the Creative Insurgents crew about art marketing, copyright, and the creative life. You can catch the interview here.

Scientific American

screenshot of Scientific American

Seemel’s book [Crime Against Nature] covers it all and reminds us that if you’re inclined to look to nature for answers regarding what is ‘normal,’ ‘natural,’ or even ‘moral,’ it’s clear that nature passes no judgement.

     — - Kalliopi Monoyios, Scientific American, May 2013 -- - full story


screenshot of Hyperallergic

The glimpses that Seemel has illustrated of the real wildness of the natural world [in Crime Against Nature] are fascinating.

     — - Allison Meier, Hyperallergic, April 2013 -- - full story


screenshot of BoingBoing

The issues at play [in Crime Against Nature] are hefty and potentially uncomfortable, but the book itself is light, playful, and pleasantly un-preachy.

     — - Maggie Koerth-Baker, BoingBoing, January 2013 -- - full story


screenshot of OWNI

My hat is off to Gwenn Seemel for embodying so well the ideals of the free culture movement!

     — - Lionel Maurel, OWNI, May 2012 -- - full story in French

Oregon Art Beat

still from Oregon Art Beat

In 2010, my work was featured on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Oregon Art Beat. The segment was filmed in September 2008 and it features Apple Pie as well as part of the interview behind these two portraits.



Born 1981, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

2012 - Crime Against Nature, Place, Portland, Oregon.
2011 - Subjective, Art Festival Museum, Edmonds, Washington -- in collaboration with Becca Bernstein.
2010 - Subjective, Pence Gallery, Bend, Oregon -- in collaboration with Becca Bernstein.
2010 - Subjective, Arts Center, Corvallis, Oregon -- in collaboration with Becca Bernstein.
2010 - Subjective, North View Gallery, Portland, Oregon -- in collaboration with Becca Bernstein.
2009 - Apple Pie, Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts, Eugene, Oregon.
2008 - Apple Pie, Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center, Portland, Oregon.
2007 - Swollen, Littman Gallery, Portland, Oregon.
2006 - Mutually Beneficial, Concrete, Portland, Oregon.
2005 - Public Faces, City Club of Portland, Portland, Oregon.
2005 - Private Masks, Starling Gallery, Portland, Oregon.
2004 - Snow Days, Northwest Sony Only, Portland, Oregon.
2004 - Trickster Project, Backdoor Theater, Portland, Oregon.
2003 - Critics Critiqued, Visage, Portland, Oregon.

2014 - Art Beat Exhibition, Peoples Art, Portland, Oregon.
2014 - Portraits 2, Mark Woolley Gallery, Portland, Oregon.
2013 - The Art of Science Policy, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington, DC.
2013 - A Chronicle of Influence, Museum and ARTspace, Lake Oswego, Oregon.
2012 - Image, Identity, Allegory, Dan and Gail Cannon Gallery of Art, Monmouth, Oregon.
2011 - A Somewhat Secret Place, PRESENTspace, Portland, Oregon.
2010 - Spread Ego, Place, Portland, Oregon.
2010 - Resonance, Anka Gallery, Portland, Oregon.
2010 - Views and Reviews, Willamette University’s Art Building Gallery, Salem, Oregon.
2009 - Mixed, Lewis and Clark College’s Ray Warren Multicultural Symposium, Portland, Oregon.
2008 - A Brief History, Littman Gallery, Portland, Oregon.
2008 - Keep Portland Weird, City Hall, Portland, Oregon.
2007 - PDX Panels, Portland Art Center, Portland, Oregon.
2006 - inCLOVER, Mount Scott Park, Portland, Oregon.
2006 - Boredom: I Learned it by Watching You, Portland Art Center, Portland, Oregon.
2003 - Recent Graduate Show, Blackfish Gallery, Portland, Oregon.
2003 - Senior Art Show, Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Salem, Oregon.

2014 - City of Portland’s Public Works Collection, Portland, Oregon.
2012 - Regional Arts and Culture Council’s Portable Works Collection, Portland, Oregon.
2010 - Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Salem, Oregon.
2003 - Willamette University, Salem, Oregon.

2013 - Art Marketing, e-book to celebrate a decade as a working artist.
2013 - T(OUR), literary art magazine.
2012 - Crime Against Nature, book with foreword by Joan Roughgarden.
2010 - Subjective, exhibition catalog with foreword by Richard Brilliant.
2008 - Apple Pie, exhibition catalog with foreword by Inara Verzemnieks.

2014 - “‘Working’ Kirk Reeves is honored in new mural,” The Oregonian, James Reddick.
2014 - “Celebrating Kirk Reeves,” The Portland Observer, editor.
2014 - “Réflexion: Citer ses sources d’inspiration en tant qu’artiste,” Toc-Arts, Lilian Ricaud.
2014 - “TEDxGeneva: L’info haute densité nutritionnelle,” Pryskaducœ, Pryska Ducœurjoly.
2014 - “Creative spirit Gwenn Seemel,” Artist Think, Carrie Brummer.
2014 - “Creating art in a series,” The Abundant Artist, Cory Huff.
2013 - “Both artists and scientists observe, ask questions, even propose solutions,”, Kat Zambon.
2013 - “Sex, gender, and us animals: Exposing the true crime against nature,”, Cory Silverberg.
2013 - “In conversation with artist Gwenn Seemel,” Art-Write, Vicki Krohn Amorose.
2013 - “Is homosexuality natural?,” Symbiartic on Scientific American, Kalliopi Monoyios.
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2009 - “DK’s Hot Sheet,” The Oregonian, DK Row.
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2006 - “In the market for some portraits,” The Oregonian, DK Row.
2006 - “You scratch her back and she’ll paint yours,” Portland Tribune, Eric Bartels.

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2004 - “10 O’Clock News,” for Snow Days, KPTV Channel 12 Portland, Shauna Parsons.
2003 - “Artstar Radio,” KPSU, Eva Lake.

2014 - Panelist, Stories from the field, with the RACC, Portland, Oregon.
2014 - Speaker, TEDxGeneva, Geneva, Switzerland.
2014 - Featured artist, Journée du domaine public, Toulouse, France.
2014 - Teacher, Soul Food, workshop series on the Web.
2013 - Speaker, Visualizing Science Policy in 20x20, with the AAAS, Washington, DC.
2013 - Guest artist, Washington State University, Vancouver, Washington.
2013 - Guest artist, David Douglas High School, Portland, Oregon.
2013 - Guest artist, Portland Community College, Portland, Oregon.
2013 - Speaker, Freedom to Connect, Washington, DC.
2011 - Guest artist, Willamette University, Salem, Oregon.
2011 - Guest artist, Oregon Art Education Association Conference, Eugene, Oregon.
2010 - Guest artist, Riverside Brookfield High School, Riverside, Illinois.
2009 - Guest artist, Oregon Society of Artists, Portland, Oregon.
2009 - Speaker, Pecha Kucha Night, Eugene, Oregon.
2009 - Guest artist, Madison High School, Portland, Oregon.
2008 - Storyteller, Super Project Lab, Portland, Oregon.
2007 - Guest artist, Newspace Center for Photography, Portland, Oregon.

2013 - Curators’ Award, Festival of the Arts, Lake Oswego, Oregon.
2012 - Emergency Relief Grant, Haven Foundation, Brewer, Maine.
2012 - Emergency Relief Grant, Artists’ Fellowship Inc, New York, New York.
2012 - Project Grant, Regional Arts and Culture Council, Portland, Oregon.
2011 - Featured Blogger, BlogHer Money.
2011 - Kickstarter, crowd-sourced funding via the Web.
2010 - Emergency Relief Grant, Haven Foundation, Brewer, Maine.
2009 - Emergency Relief Grant, Artists’ Fellowship Inc, New York, New York.
2009 - Emergency Relief Grant, Change Inc, Captiva, Florida.
2009 - Project Grant, Celebration Foundation, Portland, Oregon.
2009 - Career Opportunity Grant, Oregon Arts Commission, Salem, Oregon.
2008 - Project Grant, Regional Arts and Culture Council, Portland, Oregon.
2003 - Member of Phi Beta Kappa.

2003 - BA in Studio Art and French, summa cum laude, Willamette University, Salem, Oregon.
2002 - Magenia, Ella Jaroszewicz’s school for mime and dance, Paris, France.