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Featuring artists: this category of my blog includes articles and videos which show the work of artists besides myself or which talk about other artists’ work.

How to know if you copied too much / Comment savoir si on a trop copié

2018 . 04 . 30 - Comments / Commentaires (4)

Edvard Munch and Gwenn Seemel

Three ways of answering. Trois manières de répondre.

Feeling the harmonies / Ressentir les harmonies

2018 . 04 . 23 - Comments / Commentaires (0)

couple love art

A video about words that make images stronger. Une vidéo à propos des mots qui rendent les images plus fortes.

“The people who don’t get it can catch up.”

2018 . 04 . 11 - Comments / Commentaires (5)

Amy Sherald

Amy Sherald is getting some pushback for her portrait of Michelle Obama and I love the way she’s handling it.

Thanking artists who inspire me / Remercier les artistes qui m’inspirent

2018 . 04 . 09 - Comments / Commentaires (2)

Tabitha Vevers' art

This piece by Tabitha Vevers deserves recognition. Cette œuvre de Tabitha Vevers mérite d’être reconnue.

Painting in a traditional realist style is like doing a cover song.

2018 . 02 . 26 - Comments / Commentaires (11)

A video about why I love Amy Sherald’s portrait of Michelle Obama.

[version française]

Peindre dans un style réaliste traditionnel, c’est comme faire une reprise.

2018 . 02 . 26 - Comments / Commentaires (0)

Kehinde Wiley Barack Obama

Une vidéo qui explique pourquoi j’adore le portrait de Barack Obama fait par Kehinde Wiley.

[English version]

Brilliant letter

2018 . 02 . 08 - Comments / Commentaires (0)


What writing to art historians taught me about being an artist.

How regular microdonations to artists can save the world

2017 . 11 . 16 - Comments / Commentaires (7)

Shayla Maddox's art

In this rebooted article from Professional Artist magazine, Shayla Maddox shares her wisdom as well as her beautiful art.

What liking art means / Ce que cela veut dire quand on apprécie de l’art

2017 . 11 . 13 - Comments / Commentaires (2)

Emma Larsson

I love the work of Emma Larsson. J’adore l’art d’Emma Larsson.

Don’t forget / N’oubliez pas

2017 . 11 . 06 - Comments / Commentaires (3)

Gwenn Seemel flower art

Many stories are told about this flower. On raconte beaucoup d’histoires à propos de cette fleur.

How to start promoting your art / Comment commencer à promouvoir votre art

2017 . 10 . 30 - Comments / Commentaires (7)

Gwenn Seemel

Three tips for launching yourself. Trois petites astuces pour se lancer.

Me too.

2017 . 10 . 17 - Comments / Commentaires (10)

Tabitha Vevers' When We Talk About Rape IV

What I learned about myself when I came across Tabitha Vevers’ art.

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