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Endometriosis: this category of my blog includes articles and videos which refer to my struggles with the disease endometriosis.

Painting babies / Peindre des bébés

2018 . 07 . 09 - Comments / Commentaires (2)

Gwenn artist

I don’t have babies; I paint them. Je n’ai pas d’enfants; je peins des enfants.

Artists who work for universities are very different from artists who don’t.

2018 . 07 . 02 - Comments / Commentaires (4)

Gwenn Seemel artist

Hurt feelings and happy ones. That’s what the statement caused.

A PechaKucha talk on queer art and Christian supremacy

2017 . 12 . 11 - Comments / Commentaires (6)

Gwenn Seemel speaking in Lambertville

Originally presented in Lambertville, New Jersey, I recorded this version of my talk at my studio to share with my Internet community.

Drawing a butterfly / Dessiner un papillon

2017 . 08 . 31 - Comments / Commentaires (3)

monarch butterfly drawing

There’s never a perfect time to make art. Il n’y a jamais un moment parfait pour créer de l’art.

Inspiration for a body of work / L’inspiration pour une collection d’œuvres

2017 . 07 . 17 - Comments / Commentaires (2)

Gwenn Seemel

How I came up with Empathetic Magic. Comment je suis arrivée à La magie empathique.

How I’ve treated my endometriosis: navigating the doctor’s ego

2017 . 07 . 12 - Comments / Commentaires (6)


Five years ago today, I had what will hopefully be my last surgery.

Depression, superstition, and trying to be in control of your life

2017 . 04 . 12 - Comments / Commentaires (8)

Gwenn Seemel studio

Twice now I’ve ended up in the hospital as I created a new body of work.

Daily rituals / Rituels quotidiens

2016 . 10 . 26 - Comments / Commentaires (6)

drawing artist

All artists have them. Tous les artistes en ont quelques-uns.

From childless to childfree / De sans enfant à childfree

2016 . 09 . 05 - Comments / Commentaires (7)


How I found my own kind of peace. Comment j’ai trouvé une certaine tranquilité.

Can you trust your gynecologist to treat your endometriosis?

2016 . 03 . 23 - Comments / Commentaires (0)

uterus drawing

It’s best to figure that out sooner rather than later.

[version française]

Pouvez-vous faire confiance en votre gynécologue pour traiter votre endométriose?

2016 . 03 . 23 - Comments / Commentaires (0)

uterus dessin

Il est préférable de savoir cela plus tôt que tard.

[English version]

How I’ve treated my endometriosis: taking care

2016 . 03 . 08 - Comments / Commentaires (0)

sneering woman

In honor of Endometriosis Awareness Month, I’m sharing about my healing journey in some detail. 

[version française]

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