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Artist Gwenn Seemel’s bilingual blog about art, portraiture, free culture, and feminism.

Crime: this category of my blog includes articles and videos about Crime Against Nature, the book and the series which reveal all the many ways girls and boys can be naturally.

The privilege of being on CubFluffer

2012 . 04 . 11 - Comments / Commentaires (2)

still from a video

This still from my recent interview with Gabe Flores pretty much sums up our relationship.

Furry and feathered / Poilu et plein de plumes

2012 . 04 . 09 - Comments / Commentaires (2)

painting of a little white dog

This little dog gave me some trouble. J’ai eu du mal à peindre ce portrait.

Avoiding a certain cartooniness / Éviter un certain bande-dessinisme

2012 . 04 . 05 - Comments / Commentaires (0)

painting of a female hyena

Slipping back into some bad habits. Retrouver quelques mauvaises habitudes.

Threshold pieces

2012 . 04 . 03 - Comments / Commentaires (7)

painting of two bonobos kissing

I don’t play favorites among my paintings, but certain ones do stand out as markers on my artistic journey.

The pleasure of panel / La beauté du bois

2012 . 03 . 26 - Comments / Commentaires (4)

still from a video

I had no idea just how much I would learn from panel. Je ne savais pas combien le bois m’allait apprendre.

Making my reference images / Créer mes images de référence

2012 . 03 . 19 - Comments / Commentaires (0)

sketch of a frog

Sometimes, there’s no painting from life. Parfois, il n’y a pas moyen de peindre d’après nature.


2012 . 03 . 15 - Comments / Commentaires (13)

painting of a girl in a tree

As a teenager, I had a lot of people telling me I was gay.

Full studio, empty brain / Un atelier bien rempli, un cerveau qui se vide

2012 . 03 . 05 - Comments / Commentaires (0)

une femme artiste

It’s a very nice feeling! Ça fait du bien!

About Series X / À propos de la Série X

2012 . 02 . 27 - Comments / Commentaires (6)

fanfin seadevil

I’ve been secretive about this series long enough. Il est temps de raconter un peu plus sur cette série.

The discipline of portraiture / La discipline du portrait

2012 . 02 . 23 - Comments / Commentaires (2)

une femme artiste

Painting portraits for years helps an artist. Peindre des portraits pendant des années aide un artiste.

Person, place, thing

2011 . 12 . 19 - Comments / Commentaires (3)

sketch of a pelican

Last spring, I did a Kickstarter for my upcoming project, the cryptically titled Series X.

I sold a painting! / J’ai vendu un tableau!

2011 . 12 . 09 - Comments / Commentaires (8)

painting of a deer

This is the first time I have sold a painting that isn’t a portrait. C’est la première fois que je vends un tableau qui n’est pas un portrait.

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