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Copyleft versus copyright

2015 . 11 . 28 - Comments / Commentaires (0)

Ever wondered what would happen if someone who believes in copyright and someone who doesn’t sat down to have a civil conversation? We’ll all get to find out this December when the Director of VAGA Rights and I have a chat in a forum provided by ArtSquare!

Copyright & Copyleft Webinar
17 December
1 PM Eastern Standard Time
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Robert Panzer and I will discuss whether or not copyright is an outdated construct, if artists should worry about about imitation and theft, and what steps artists can take to protect their art. We’ll also get into the concept of permissions, and the way that copyright requires people to ask before they do just about anything with art.

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This vlog explains why you probably are already into Creative Commons licensing even if you don’t know about it, and this video breaks down these very practical licenses beautifully.

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