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A book about sharing

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I’ve been promising it for a while: my book about why I don’t copyright my work and why you might not want to either is finally ready! You can read it here or purchase the PDF version here.

You Share Good by Gwenn Seemel

Gwenn Seemel’s You Share Good
Click on the image to go to the book!

The book is called You Share Good. It began as a way to organize my thoughts as I worked on my TEDxGeneva talk about the role of imitation in creativity, but it quickly turned into its own project.

I’ve written a couple of book in the last few years, one about art marketing and another about what’s truly natural with regards to sex and gender, but neither of those projects topped 4000 words—not without the introductory essay for Crime Against Nature, but that wasn’t written by me. Meanwhile, You Share Good clocks in at over 19000! That’s no small feat for the visual artist who, just eleven and a half short years ago, wrote her senior thesis about why artists should never write about their art.

eiffel tower  Smoke the Bear remix  alien cats  Little Prince  parrot-headed cat and cat-headed parrot width=  
cat and parrot  cat and parrot face off  cat cuddling with a parrot  Gol-IP-ath  squirrel with nuts  
Moses  squirrel and cat  parrot and squirrel  cat with a camera  bear cub in a bathing suit  
broken hearted bear  feeding the parrot  bear with hearts  bear and parrot  squirrel praying  

Gwenn Seemel’s illustrations for You Share Good
Click on the images to enlarge and learn more about these painted drawings!

Of course, this project wasn’t all about the words. I also created twenty painted drawings to illustrate the book. Many of these works are still available for $200 each plus shipping. Check here to see which ones you could own or visit my RedBubble shop for prints and throw pillows and things like that!

- The big break / La grande opportunité
- What publishing a free e-book does to sales of the book
- The process of writing a book / La réalisation d’un livre

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