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Sometimes people I don’t know all that well give me beautiful things. By that I mean books, flowers, chocolates, and other delicious treats, but also art. One time, I was given an image of mine remade in stained glass...

painting by Angela Moulton

painting by Angela Moulton

...and recently I’ve been receiving more art. This piece is from someone who’d caught on to my obsession with cupcakes, and the one below is from someone who wanted to warm my heart.

stained glass

painting by Carol Minear

Holding these two pretties in my hands, I’m reminded that art is the yummiest gift of all. Yes, books, flowers, and chocolates all feed me in their own way, but original works of art are something else entirely. The time and the layers, the thought and the non-thought, the emotion and the humanity: all of these things that go into art are more visible when the work is right in front of me.

And when the art is a gift, there’s more still to the object, an added element that’s hard to define but so easy to enjoy. I’m so grateful for both the art and the reminder.

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