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Becoming an artist / Devenir artiste

2013 . 03 . 11 - Comments / Commentaires (4)

No one just becomes an artist overnight, and the transition between something else and artist is worth looking at. 

On ne devient pas artiste du jour au lendemain, et il est utile de regarder la transition entre être autre chose et être artiste.

I talk more about who inspired me to make that transition here.

Je parle plus de celui qui m’a fait croire que je pouvais faire cette transition ici.

- How to make a living as an artist
- On networking
- Making a living is like making a painting

- Comment vivre de son art
- L’artiste fauché et le vendu
- The home studio / L’atelier à la maison

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(4) Comments / Commentaires: Becoming an artist / Devenir artiste

-- Dale Seachord -- 2013 . 03 . 11 --

I have noticed some similarities in those I’ve known who have succeeded in becoming artists early in their lives:  They has a lot of support, emotional and or financial, and tended to come from a more or less healthy background of good parents so that they had strong self-esteem. Many of the famous painters came from parents who also were artists or educated, or they grew up surrounded in that melieu. It can be difficult to achieve if you lack these things, but if you are in it for the long haulI believe you can achieve it even if you didn’t get the financial or emotional support.  I still haven’t accomplished supporting myself as an artist, and may never do so; but for myself I have set goals of trying to make art that, if I saw it in a gallery would make me jealous that I hadn’t done it. Maybe my art will speak for me since I don’t have the other advantages.  Besides, supporting yourself or not, the making of it does transform you and make you see the world differently.  I think the making of good art can make a difficult life a very good life.

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-- Gwenn -- 2013 . 03 . 11 --

Absolutely.  Art heals and makes the world a better place, one person at a time!

And while it’s true that support can be helpful in any endeavor, I also think that certain personalities actually achieve less when they have a lot of support.  They become too comfortable and cannot conceive of living and struggling as an artist.  (I know plenty of wannabe artists who are like this.)  So really, it’s less about background or privilege and more about determination and work ethic.

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-- cole -- 2013 . 03 . 11 --

wonderful! this is such a terrific post! currently in the transition cocoon i have wondered how others did it. did they just unfurl their wings from go? bravo to your generous posts! it is clear that you model open culture etc in how you approach other artists and offer your own knowledge- and it is much appreciated. If your art didn’t make me a fan (which it did!), your freedom and kindness would.

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-- Gwenn -- 2013 . 03 . 13 --

Thank you, Cole!  I felt like this was an important story to share, but then as I was recording the video I was second-guessing myself.  Your comment puts my mind at ease!

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