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Commercial use and the open artist / L’usage commercial et l’artiste libre

2014 . 01 . 23 - Comments / Commentaires (11)

In this video, I explain what I’d do if someone were to use my work commercially, make a bunch of money, and not share any of it with me.

Dans cette vidéo, j’explique ce que je ferais si quelqu’un utilisait mes œuvres dans un but lucratif, gagnait un tas d’argent, et ne partageait pas un sou avec moi.

If you want to hear more about this way of thinking and you’re in Toulouse this Sunday, check out the Journée du domaine public!  This conference is organized annually by Wikimédia France to celebrate the works that are entering the public domain with the new year and to call attention to artists, like me, who don’t believe that copyright is a good in our world.  My posters  from Crime Against Nature are part of the program.

Journée du domaine public
26 January from 2 PM to 6 PM
free and open to the public

Médiathèque José Cabanais
1, allée Jacques Chaban-Delmas
31506 Toulouse, France

Si ces idées vous intéressent et vous êtes à Toulouse dimanche, ne manquez pas la Journée du domaine public!  Cette conférence est organisée par Wikimédia France, et elle fête les nouvelles entrées dans le domaine public ainsi que les artistes qui, comme moi, ne voient pas le droit d’auteur comme quelque chose qui fait du bien dans le monde.  Mes affiches pour Le crime contre nature font partie du programme.

Journée du domaine public
le 26 janvier de 14h à 18h
entrée libre

Médiathèque José Cabanais
1, allée Jacques Chaban-Delmas
31506 Toulouse, France

painting of a great white shark

Gwenn Seemel
Jaws-ette (Great white shark) / Jaws-ette (Le grand requin blanc)
acrylic on panel / acrylique sur bois
10 x 10 inches / 25 x 25 centimètres
(detail below / détail plus bas)

un grand requin blanc

This is the painting featured in the video.  To see images of the making of it, go here, and, for information about the rest of the series, check out this page.  The book is available here!

Ceci est le tableau dans la vidéo.  Pour voir des images de la réalisation, allez ici, et, pour en savoir plus sur le reste de la collection, allez ici.  Le livre est disponible ici!

- How to react to work that’s similar to yours
- Why copyright and creativity are not separate issues
- Social currency

- Comment réagir à des œuvres qui ressemblent aux vôtres
- Deconstructing the paywall / Déconstruire le paywall
- The evolution of copyright / L’évolution du droit d’auteur

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(11) Comments / Commentaires: Commercial use and the open artist / L’usage commercial et l’artiste libre

Libby Fife...


I think maybe David has missed his calling. I enjoyed that immensely!

I am happy to say that I knew what you were going to say before you said it! And, you are winning me over to this way of thinking so another plus.

As always, thanks for another great post!

--- -- - --- - ---- - - --- ----- -- -


Brilliant. Well done Gwenn - simple,direct,and convincing. Super cute and romantical addition of David too smile

--- -- - --- - ---- - - --- ----- -- -


This is great! I love the video and the thinking behind it is amazing.

All the artists, writers, photographers and crafters giving themselves weak hearts because they stress about this issue so much.  (Many before they have even created anything worth stealing.)

If only people would open their minds a bit more they would see that this is a much better idea for a solution.

--- -- - --- - ---- - - --- ----- -- -


Thanks all!  David definitely ups the entertainment factor in any setting and I’m so lucky that setting is often our home. smile

And it’s true that the copyright paradigm is just so much less fun and less healthy, isn’t it?  Can you imagine someone making a fun video about copyright?  Now I have to try to go find one…

--- -- - --- - ---- - - --- ----- -- -


Such a great perspective on what is supposedly such a cut and dry subject. I wish they would’ve brought up this viewpoint in my terribly long, boring, and difficult copyright law class years ago in college. Thanks again for a fresh take on a oft visited subject.

--- -- - --- - ---- - - --- ----- -- -


It is interesting how people like to say that copyright is just how it is.  I guess it’s more comfortable than questioning.  Thanks, Marco, for you kind words!

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Thanks for this viewpoint Gwenn! Really eye opening and entertaining!

This is really smart…leverage what the copy artist is doing by redirecting the attention to you, the original artist. Brilliant.

--- -- - --- - ---- - - --- ----- -- -


So charming! I haven’t had a chance to read it, but there is this comic (http://web.law.duke.edu/cspd/comics/digital.php), which may already be familiar to you and seems to break down some copyright nuances smile

--- -- - --- - ---- - - --- ----- -- -


Thank you, Loren!  And Kristina, I hadn’t heard of that comic.  So excited to read it!!

--- -- - --- - ---- - - --- ----- -- -


I love this. You & M. X are very lovable!

Good to hear this, for, once upon a time, I created a fabric design for a designer friend (waaaay before Internet, blogs and such.) It was a beautiful design of dragonflies, ladybugs and colorful worms on a green background. We were in Chinatown together a few years later & spotted a rip off, very very close to my design, on a dress almost similar to my friend’s original design.

I’m not sure flying to China to kiss the mimics was on our minds. We were both taken aback that someone would make such huge efforts to flatter us. And I do recall thinking, “Good luck, buddy! It ain’t easy!”

--- -- - --- - ---- - - --- ----- -- -


Yes!  “Good luck, buddy! It ain’t easy!”  So true.  Also, Bowsprite, thank you for the kind words!

--- -- - --- - ---- - - --- ----- -- -

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