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The art is in the framing. / L’art est dans l’encadrement.

2011 . 12 . 20 - Comments / Commentaires (4)

Everything in life is a cycle of birth, revolution, death, and rebirth. Everything. Big picture things that are more properly called Revolutions and smaller picture things like the everyday revolution that happens when I have enough fresh ginger root left to make a hot cup of tea.

And when the story of anything is told, the difference between a tragedy and a comedy is all in how the story is framed. If it ends with death, it’s a tragedy; if it ends with rebirth, it’s probably more of a comedy. 

Art is all in how the artist presents the slice of life. The framing makes the work what it is.

Tout dans la vie est un cycle de naissance, révolution, mort, et renaissance. Tout. Ce qui arrive sur la scène mondiale—ce qui est plus correctement appelé une Révolution—et ce qui arrive dans la vie quotidienne, comme la petite révolution d’un bout de racine de gingembre fraîche qui me permet de faire une dernière tasse de thé.

Et quand l’histoire de quelque chose est racontée, la différence entre une tragédie et une comédie est dans la manière dont l’histoire est encadrée. Si elle se termine par la mort, c’est une tragédie; si elle se termine avec la renaissance, c’est probablement une comédie.

L’art est tout dans la manière dont l’artiste présente une tranche de vie. L’encadrement détermine le ton de l’œuvre.


This isn’t something that applies just to narrative, of course. Composition is important in visual art as well. Framing a scene one way makes for an interesting if rather mysterious image…

Et cette idée s’applique non seulement à la narration, mais aussi à l’art visuel. Composer une scène d’une certaine façon rend l’image plutôt intéressante et même mystérieuse…


...while framing it another way makes for a much more mundane picture. One way of perceiving isn’t more true than the other or more real, but the framing guides the viewer in what she-he might take away from the work.

...tandis que composer cette même scène autrement crée une photo beaucoup plus banale. Une façon de percevoir n’est ni plus vraie ni plus réelle que l’autre, mais l’encadrement guide l’expérience du public quand il regarde une œuvre.

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(4) Comments / Commentaires: The art is in the framing. / L’art est dans l’encadrement.

-- megan -- 2011 . 12 . 20 --

Vos photos sont simples et fabuleuses! J’adore l’expliquation qui vient avec.

--- -- - --- - ---- - ---- - --- - -- ---

-- Gwenn -- 2011 . 12 . 22 --

Merci Megan!

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-- Gala Gauthier -- 2016 . 08 . 05 --

The famous painting “The death of Marat” was a painting of Jean-Paul Marat, he was a French revolutionary and a member of the Club “Des Cordeliers”
Who was memorialise in his assassination on the 4th year anniversary of the fall of the Bastille….
all that being said, he was not a very nice person,

In my understanding of this story Charlotte Corday stopped a man Jean-Paul Marat; from using his pen to kill more people… but that is not how she was treated; because of the way art and publication have framed the story to be..

To relate to your post, Artist Ideas are very powerful on how we FRAME them….

For Charlotte Corday in the time she was living she was seen as a villain, but all she wanted was to stop his (killing quill)… We understand that now and see her as a strong woman who just wanted the killing to stop…

Jacques-Louis David was the one who did the Framing of “The death of Marat” the French highly influential painter in the Neoclassical style… he is also responsible for the famous painting of Napoleon on a white horse ..

I know this is a little wordy, but I feel this topic is so important, because our advertisements and media are shaping us today;
Not leaving much room for real thought as a women, or man, as a person of some shade of color or even a human or not human,

and I believe this starts in our Artist Framing and understanding of this concept …

--- -- - --- - ---- - ---- - --- - -- ---

-- Gwenn -- 2016 . 08 . 05 --

Yes, Gala! I like the idea that it’s the artist’s role to provide an alternative frame or many alternative frames, to keep people questioning the frames we’ve been given.

--- -- - --- - ---- - ---- - --- - -- ---

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