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Joyful serenity / Une grande sérénité joyeuse

2017 . 08 . 13 - Comments / Commentaires (2)

You give the impression that you live in joyful serenity. Your portraits are full of light and colors. Are there things that hurt you? That make you sad?

This is one of the questions I am asked in an interview with Framablog, a question that reveals at least as much in the asking as I can in the answering. To me, it seems to say:

The tremendous effort you put into being a cheerful influence in the world has worked, but it has also flattened you out, making you a little less than real.

In other words, it’s time to make some changes.

Tu donnes l’impression de vivre dans une grande sérénité joyeuse. Tes portraits sont pleins de lumière et de couleurs. Est-ce qu’il y a des choses qui te blessent? Qui te rendent triste?

Voilà une des questions qu’on me pose dans mon interview dans Framablog, une question qui révèle au moins autant dans le questionnement que je pourrais partager dans ma réponse. Pour moi, elle semble dire:

L’énorme effort que vous avez fait pour devenir une influence positive dans le monde a bien marché, mais cela vous a également aplati—vous a rendu un peu moins réelle.

Autrement dit, il est temps de faire des changements.

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(2) Comments / Commentaires: Joyful serenity / Une grande sérénité joyeuse

-- Claire -- 2017 . 08 . 15 --

I say this with great affection for the French language and culture, but: What a French question!! And it was the *third* question they asked you, out of thirteen or so!
1/ Tell us about yourself,
2/ What causes are important do you, and then
3/ You can’t possibly be as happy as you seem to be… What makes you sad?
Do you think the “joyful serenity” refers to your artwork, or to your public face (on your blog etc.)? I think you are really quite open with certain struggles on your blog. Not everything should be public; you absolutely have the right to your privacy (or your “jardin secret” - “secret garden” as the French call it). And as for your artwork, I love your use of color, even the black and white pieces you have done. Not everyone can (nor should!) paint only in black… or should I say, “outrenoir”?!! #PierreSoulages

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-- Gwenn -- 2017 . 08 . 15 --

@Claire: Tu me soulages, parlant de Soulages. smile It’s true that they might have been referring more to my art than my blog. Also, not everyone watches ALL of my videos—I know, I’m shocked too! smile Seriously though, I know I blog a lot so it’s totally possible that the less peppy stuff gets lost in the mix.

That said, the question comes at a time when I am ripe for change. I know I scare a lot of people where I am currently living. Friends make oblique references to “how you can be” and I gather that I intimidate. I think I’m ready to embrace this and be more outspoken than ever before. The question only solidified it for me.

And yes, it is so French! I’ve been telling people about it, but since they’re not as familiar with French culture as you they don’t get it. I laughed out loud when I read the question! Also, I should be clear that I am grateful for it. I feel like the intimidating part of me is a little more French than American, so it was like my fellow frogs were calling me out and inviting me to join them. Huzzah and hooray for scary French girls! You’re one of them now too, Klerbin!

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