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Magical markers / Feutres féeriques

2011 . 06 . 30 - Comments / Commentaires (6)

A few years ago, I had stopped drawing.  Every time I went to put pencil to paper I lacked inspiration, and it was only by using colored markers that I started to love drawing again.

Il y a quelques années, j’avais arrêté de dessiner.  Chaque fois que j’allais mettre un crayon sur papier je manquais d’inspiration, et c’est seulement en utilisant des feutres que j’ai recommencé à faire du dessin.

My Kickstarter project and, in particular, the drawings I’m making for my backers were featured on the Kickstarter blog!

Mon Kickstarter et, en particulier, les dessins que je fais pour mes sponsors ont été présentés sur le blog de Kickstarter!  L’article est en anglais, mais vous verrez une autre vidéo de la réalisation d’un dessin.

drawing of a lion

drawing of a lion / dessin d’un lion

- Thank you. / Merci.
- I ♥ Kickstarter
- Art is play. / L’art, c’est jouer.

- Animal crackers / Des biscuits en forme d’animaux
- My Kickstarter / Mon Kickstarter
- Art is play. / L’art, c’est jouer.

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(6) Comments / Commentaires: Magical markers / Feutres féeriques


What brand of marker do you use?  I notice you go light to dark, but then at the end do some details with light colors again.  Do your markers get stained or messy from doing that?

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I use a couple of lighter Tombow markers (yellow, pink, periwinkle), then Pentels, then fine point pens in different colors.  Sometimes the colors bleed on the paper but the markers don’t get stained. 

I also used Crayolas to demonstrate to your class once.  I remember them working pretty well and I want to get some to work with more.  I bet Crayolas and fine point pens would make a good combination…

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I also like using markers…for the reason of being bolder with my marks. I find that with pencil and eraser, I second guess myself and definitely go on and on…

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I like boldness and I like being forced to make the “scrap it” decision every so often.  And I don’t like to think of it as giving up: it’s more knowing when a clean sheet of paper is the next thing you need! smile

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Lisa Plemmons Harrison Caddel...

For some reason I thought you used Copic markers. I was considering buying some but in my research about them I noticed that they blend well rather than mark over, which could be cool at times and not at others. So I came in search of your blogs about markers, and I’m glad I did because here I see you don’t mention Copic makers at all!  Curious. Now I wonder why I thought you used them.

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I think maybe someone was recommending I try them in a different thread on my blog about marker drawings.  I know the markers I use aren’t the most affordable, but I was a little shocked by the price of Copics, especially considering the fact that they apparently run out fairly quickly!  To each their own!

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