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Mistakes versus layers of paint / Les erreurs par rapport aux couches de peinture

2013 . 02 . 09 - Comments / Commentaires (2)

Why call a brushstroke “wrong” when it’s just part of the journey?

Pourquoi dire qu’un coup de pinceau n’est pas correcte quand il fait partie du chemin d’une œuvre?

This paintings is from Crime Against Nature.

Ce tableau fait partie du Crime contre nature.


Gwenn Seemel
Babysitters’ club (American crow) / Les baby-sitters (La corneille d’Amérique)
acrylic on panel / acrylique sur bois
10 x 10 inches / 25 x 25 centimètres
(detail below / détail plus bas)


- Beginning again in order to finish / Recommencer pour finir
- Taking time / Prendre son temps
- Art is play. / L’art, c’est jouer.

- Surprising myself / À ma grande surprise
- The journey / Le voyage
- Right and wrong in art / Le correct et le pas correct dans l’art

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(2) Comments / Commentaires: Mistakes versus layers of paint / Les erreurs par rapport aux couches de peinture

-- Dorothy Siemens -- 2013 . 02 . 12 --

I love your comments about process versus “mistakes” (and I also greatly admire your work!). I used to work in watercolour and found it extremely stressful - one bad layer could ruin a painting. I became very tight and tentative. Now after more than 20 years I am picking up my brushes again but am working in large, abstract acrylics. So liberating! I have been inspired by your layering technique and am deliberately layering colours and textures in order to give more depth and interest to my pieces. It is so much fun not quite knowing where the painting is going, and knowing that nothing is a mistake - acrylics are so forgiving. Keep it up, Gwenn, and don’t let those meanies get you down!

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-- Gwenn -- 2013 . 02 . 15 --

Thank you, Dorothy, you are so kind!  Watercolors are fun to play with but, as you said, stressful when you have something in particular you’re going for—or at least that’s how they work for my process!  I think the medium an artist chooses says a lot about their personality…

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