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Postcards to the President

2017 . 02 . 23 - Comments / Commentaires (0)

Free postcards to download, print, and send to your representatives! Because it’s important to remind them that they work for you.

A bunch of us are sending postcards to the White House on 15 March, an initiative called the Ides of Trump. This is the address if you want to join in:

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20006


Click on the image to access the high resolution PDF!

This is my message for Bannon:

Dear President Bannon,

You were not elected to this office, and nobody wants you in charge. Your religious war on Muslims and everyone else you dislike does not meet the criteria for a just war, as defined in your church’s doctrine. Therefore, waging this war condemns you to hell.


Because, though I’ve long since graduated from Catholic high school and though I never was a believer, I still know enough about church doctrine to call out a hypocrite.


This is my message for Trump:

Dear Mr. Trump,

You are not presidential, no matter how many times you insist that you are. Your behavior shows that you are not intelligent enough to be President of the United States. You are the puppet of Stephen Bannon and of Vladimir Putin, who are tremendously bad people—bigly bad! You encourage hatred, and you are putting all US citizens in danger with your idiotic policies. You suck, and we all know it.


Because I’m pretty sure that poking at him in this childish manner will be more effective than any more complex arguments I might present.

a different kind of Superman

Gwenn Seemel
This looks like a job for a chicano! (Mexican-American)
acrylic on bird’s eye
19 x 25 inches

This image as well as the other postcard images all come from Apple Pie. Each of the subjects for this series wrote a statement about what being an American means to them, and those are available if you click on the individual painting images here.

- My heart is full of rainbows.
- What to do when gatekeepers are biased
- “Welcome to my hanging.”

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