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How to react to work that’s similar to yours

2013 . 02 . 07 - Comments / Commentaires (0)

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More than copyright law itself, the concept of copyright—the idea that culture is property to be owned and bought and sold—is destroying the creative process. A perfect example of this occurs when artists come across work that resembles their own. Most creatives tend to freak out under those circumstances, but this flow chart provides an alternative to the irritation, disbelief, and loathing:

how to react to work that's similar to yours

To see what following both the YES bubbles looks like, go here. And though that article is clearly not a case of one artist copying or remixing another’s work, the same thing could be done in an imitation or mash-up situation too (as with the image in the latter part of this post). Instead of being annoyed that you aren’t the only person ever to come up with an idea and instead of suing for copyright infringement, you can spark conversations about how culture evolves!

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