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The role of the artist / Le rôle de l’artiste

2010 . 10 . 19 - Comments / Commentaires (2)

Art is making an object special, making a subject special, or making the elements of art special, but is it making nothing at all special?

L’art, c’est rendre un objet spécial, rendre un sujet spécial, ou rendre les éléments d’art spéciaux, mais est-ce rendre rien du tout spécial?

The root definition of art that I mention at the beginning of this video is this.

The anthropologist whose work I talk about is Ellen Dissanayake, and I reference the caves at Lascaux, Artemisia Gentileschi, cubism, Yves Klein, and social practice art.

In the end, I have a hard time seeing how simply calling something “art” makes that thing special. There’s more to art than the word.

La définition de l’art qui est à l’origine de toutes autres définitions est ceci.

L’anthropologiste dont je parle au début de cette vidéo est Ellen Dissanayake, et je fais référence à la Grotte de Lascaux, à Artemisia Gentileschi, à Jacques-Louis David, au cubisme, à Yves Klein, et à social practice art.

En fin de compte, j’ai du mal à voir comment donner le nom «art» à quelque chose rend cette chose spéciale. L’art est plus que le mot.

portrait d'une femme

Gwenn Seemel
After Another Year / Après une année de plus
acrylic on bird’s eye / acrylique sur coton piqué
30 x 30 inches / 76 x 76 centimètres

This painting is from Swollen.

Ce tableau fait partie de Swollen.

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(2) Comments / Commentaires: The role of the artist / Le rôle de l’artiste

-- Lisa Plemmons Harrison Caddel -- 2010 . 10 . 19 --

Thank you for such a thought provoking video.  I had not heard of this social practice art form.  It is curious to consider.  Upon reflection, I can see how certain moments in my life or particular memories could be considered artistic.  They are special to me for whatever reason, and they have become something significant; a treasured time, a turning point, an inspiration, or a great story. 

I can imagine calling something art such as a conversation or a scene, or a special arrangement of items. I have borne witness to many of what I call “personal paintings” that are just for me, striking compositions that don’t come into the world in any way except my observation of its possibility. 

I can imagine considering ones life an artistic expression so that perhaps everything that one does could be considered special.  As with all of art though, it is in the eye of the beholder that special is recognized or denied. That may be how it ought it be. Special is different for everyone.

I guess I learned a long time ago that if an artist says something is art, it is. It took me longer to learn that I didn’t have to like it just because it was called art, but that is a different matter. I suppose I could accept an artist deeming a social activity art. And if someone can call it art and sell it, more power to them!

--- -- - --- - ---- - ---- - --- - -- ---

-- Gwenn -- 2010 . 10 . 25 --

Yes!  It’s so true that we don’t have to like it for it to be art. 

Also, I love how different kinds of art broaden my ideas of what art can be.  I don’t always completely agree, but the possibilities stretch my ideas and I always like that!

--- -- - --- - ---- - ---- - --- - -- ---

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