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Scarcity and abundance / La rareté et l’abondance

2012 . 01 . 01 - Comments / Commentaires (7)

I prefer to think like a Chinese dragon instead of like a Western dragon.

Je préfère penser comme un dragon chinois au lieu de comme un dragon occidental.

painting of a sea dragon

Gwenn Seemel
Dragon Year (2012) / L’année du dragon (2012)
acrylic on linen / acrylique sur lin
12 inches in diameter / 30 centimètres de diamètre
(detail below / détail plus bas)

painting of a sea dragon

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(7) Comments / Commentaires: Scarcity and abundance / La rareté et l’abondance

J.M. Porter...

These kinds of healthy attitudes help promote our sense of community in the arts in Portland. To be open and connect can only benefit one’s creativity and those around us! Well said Gwenn!

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Joyce van der Lely...

Gwenn, Happy New Year !!!!
You are so good with your words and your philosophic thoughts, I love that about you. And then of course your painting, this sea-dragon is AMAZING !!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing xoxo

--- -- - --- - ---- - - --- ----- -- -


Thank you Jennifer and Joyce!  Happy abundant new year to you both!

--- -- - --- - ---- - - --- ----- -- -

Rachel Heu...

Hi Gwen, Just checking in to your lovely blog. I go back and forth about copyright and how it *should* be dealt with by an artist. I tend to agree with you conceptually, in abundance versus scarcity. Well, I can’t stand the very issue of copyright. It can almost seem to assume that the viewer is going to do something “dishonest” with the work and that’s not very fair. I also believe that everyone should have access to art around them whether they can pay for it or not. I think about how that translates into the *living* part of it; that an artist deserves to make a living at what they do. I serve coffee to pay my bills and so I value what you have to say because you are where I hope to be one day in your career. To be honest, I currently have copyright marks on my work online, but your thoughts shared here are something that I will consider and ponder. To watermark or not to watermark…—Rachel

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@Rachel: It certainly is a complex issue and every artist must find their own peace with it.  I like to try to think of it in as creative a way as possible, and for me that means pretending that copyright doesn’t exist, for my works and for everyone else’s too.  Imagining a world where there is no copyright helps me make choices—both aesthetic and business ones—that are more inventive, and I like that.

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Vanessa Nix Anthony...

Perfectly put—Love you Gwenn and love that sweet little dragon!

--- -- - --- - ---- - - --- ----- -- -


Thanks Nessa!

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