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All the ways artists spend money

2017 . 08 . 03 - Comments / Commentaires (3)

Getting a handle on your expenses does wonders for your confidence and your career.

This video goes well with this one about all the ways artists make money. Please note that I don’t ever pay to have my art featured in books or articles, because I don’t believe this is a good use of my money and because pay-to-play promoters are often bullies who damage artists.

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- How artists decide what to sell and what to give away
- The professional artist and the hobbyist / L’artiste professionnel et l’amateur
- Can artists make money?

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(3) Comments / Commentaires: All the ways artists spend money

-- Linda Ursin -- 2017 . 08 . 03 --

I track all expenses, absolutely everything because the government requires me to since I have a registered business. I don’t have a designated studio space yet, so I can’t include that yet.

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-- Gwenn -- 2017 . 08 . 03 --

@Linda: I didn’t realize how lucky I was to have my dad explain all this to me at the beginning of my career until I met a 20 something artist who had no idea what I was talking about. I’d been meaning to do this video since I made the income video last year but I hadn’t gotten around to it. That conversation made it feel like it was time!

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-- Linda Ursin -- 2017 . 08 . 03 --

@Gwenn I’m one of the ones who go looking for that information on my own to make sure it doesn’t come back to bite me. I wish I’d had someone trustworthy to learn things like this and other art related stuff from too.

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