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Werewolf / Loup-garou

2016 . 08 . 22 - Comments / Commentaires (3)

We can be transformed by things outside ourselves.

Nous pouvons étre transformés par des choses en dehors de nous.

As you may have noticed in the process images, I started over at some point, changing the composition and shifting from canvas to panel. Sometimes, you have to give up on a piece in order to finish it.

To purchase prints and pretty things with this image, go here. The original painting is available for $600. For a full list of works for sale, go here.

Comme vous avez pu le constater en regardant les images de processus, j’ai recommencé au milieu. J’ai refait la composition et j’ai échangé la toile pour du bois. Parfois, il faut renoncer à une œuvre pour le terminer.

Pour acheter cette image en reproduction, allez ici. Le tableau original est disponible pour $600. Pour voir une liste complète de toutes les œuvres qui sont à vendre, regardez ici.


Gwenn Seemel
Wolf (Were-Gwenn) / Loup (Loup-Garou)
acrylic on panel / acrylique sur bois
6 x 6 inches / 15 x 15 centimètres
(detail below / détail plus bas)


- The roles we play
- The alien / L’extra-terrestre
- Being an adult, being a parent / Être adulte, être parent

- Shy / Timide
- Training with portraiture / S’entraîner avec le portrait
- Being a friendly artist / Être un artiste sociable

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(3) Comments / Commentaires: Werewolf / Loup-garou

-- Libby Fife -- 2016 . 08 . 22 --


That is an interesting idea, that we gravitate towards the people who bring out the best in us. (I always think of it in reverse, that the people who are harmful for us are the ones that we are attracted to.)

I tend to try and avoid those people that I know will not make me feel good. Taking it a step farther, I then seek to integrate and accept how I am no matter who I am with. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

And that is the werewolf myth right? A lack of integration and incompatibility of the good and the evil in all of us. Have you ever met a well adjusted werewolf who just overcame his bad self and was coexisting happily with those around him? Right! LOL:)

Always good food for thought. Thank you!

--- -- - --- - ---- - ---- - --- - -- ---

-- Cathy Hasty -- 2016 . 08 . 22 --

I appreciate this reflection on the parts that are evoked, triggered, developed, catalyzed by the interaction with others.  I agree that we are animals with instincts and created by, for and in community.  The Internet is an interesting subculture of this community with both cost and promise.  I enjoy the pieces of weird Qwenn I have seen. You remind me to seek out those who pull me out of my traditional or habitual self and into the unknown. Perhaps this is one function of art?!

--- -- - --- - ---- - ---- - --- - -- ---

-- Gwenn -- 2016 . 08 . 24 --

@Libby: In my years of interviewing people for portraits, I’ve asked just about everyone: is there something about you that people miss when they first meet you, something you wish people knew? Almost everyone says that they are sillier than they appear. I find that lovely, but also sad that I don’t get to see the silly in everyone. I know that we can’t be everything to everyone, but to see a glimpse of everyone’s silly would be the best gift ever. smile

@Cathy: The internet is a full moon, full of weirding potential, it’s true! The strange and silly in me salutes the strange and silly in you, friend!

--- -- - --- - ---- - ---- - --- - -- ---

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