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Alternatives to the legal system in cases of copyright infringement

2013 . 02 . 28 - Comments / Commentaires (2)

Because most of us just don’t have the money for a lawsuit.

Also, as you start the conversation about why the other party ripped you off, I would encourage you to think of the ways in which you regularly act like you own culture when, legally-speaking, you don’t.  And I would ask you to remember that there’s a possibility that the other party is just like you, an honest person who doesn’t understand copyright law very well.

- How to react to work that’s similar to yours
- The evolution of copyright / L’évolution du droit d’auteur
- Using other people’s images / Utiliser les images de quelqu’un d’autre

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(2) Comments / Commentaires: Alternatives to the legal system in cases of copyright infringement

-- CAROLYN -- 2013 . 04 . 27 --

A “cease and desist” letter or DMCA take-down notice can be very effective. I have used these and know a number of artists who have as well.

Better to do some self-help. I’m not a fan of whiners.

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-- Gwenn -- 2013 . 04 . 27 --

I’m unclear on your meaning.  You are telling me to “do some self-help” because I believe people should have a conversation instead of taking legal action against each other.  Is that what you’re saying?

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