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Bad people and good people / Les méchants et les gentils

2015 . 12 . 30 - Comments / Commentaires (2)

2015 has been quite a year.

2015 a été une année exceptionnelle.

It’s fitting that this year turned out this way considering the goal I set for 2015. This post explains some the troubles in Portland and this one gets into the problems in RVA.

Il y un sens dans tout cela parce qu’au début de l’année j’avais ceci comme but pour 2015. Ce poste explique les problèmes qu’on avait à Portland et celui-ci parle de ce qui s’est passé à Richmond.

bear art

drawing by Gwenn Seemel from 2015 / dessin par Gwenn Seemel achevé en 2015

Career-wise, Patreon is definitely the highlight of this year. Yes, speaking in France was awesome, and writing for a magazine blows my mind, but it’s connecting with my audience in a new way that wins every time. Thank you for being part of the amazing and generous and kind and wonderful this year!

Côté professionnel, Patreon est ce qu’il y avait de mieux cette année. Bien sûr, faire un discours en France était génial et écrire pour un magazine n’est pas mal non plus, mais c’est ce nouveau lien avec mon public qui me plaît le plus. Merci de faire partie de l’incroyable et le généreux et l’aimable et le merveilleux cette année!

Professional Artist mag

Professional Artist February 2016 / Professional Artist février 2016

The magazine is available here, and my books are all here.

Le magazine est disponible ici, et mes livres sont ici.

- How to make a living as an artist
- TED’s copyright / Le copyright de TED
- You made me.

- The tough little house / La petite maison solide
- Making art happen / Faire de sorte qu’il y a de l’art
- Comment vivre de son art

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(2) Comments / Commentaires: Bad people and good people / Les méchants et les gentils

-- Debra Fant -- 2016 . 02 . 11 --

“The sadder but wiser woman…..” sounds like she’s landed inside you in this process.  Can you find an ozonator to run to remove the stink of smoke from your belongings?  One needs to remove house plants and living beings first but it works.  I used it in my rental area to remove PERFUME stink! 

The growing up part of realizing there is a whole spectrum of ways people behave (or don’t behave well, which is painful recognition for those holding a “good behavior” expectation you and I both have had) is grist for learning, not always pleasant.  Some would say it offers us “contrast” to assist us in knowing what we want to be, how our world would look at its best.  Others teach that these experiences arise to provide us opportunity to grow or expand in consciousness.  You don’t struggle with this alone is my point I guess, and one challenge is to nurture your innocence that has taken such a hit in the meantime. 

May your good spirit be soothed and your art I love so much be a comfort and expanding creative leadership.  And may more and more people realize that we’ll get through this time far more gracefully by caring and assisting each other rather than scratching and gouging for ourselves with no thought or concern for those around us.  Envision the best we can become Gwenn….you’re not alone in that process of dreaming into manifestation the best we can be.

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-- Gwenn -- 2016 . 02 . 15 --

Thank you Deb! It helps a lot to hear all that. Love and hugs to you!

--- -- - --- - ---- - ---- - --- - -- ---

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