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Beginning again in order to finish / Recommencer pour finir

2012 . 10 . 13 - Comments / Commentaires (4)

It’s crunch time for my upcoming series and I’m resorting to starting over in order to be able to finish.

C’est un moment crucial pour ma nouvelle collection, et je suis obligée de recommencer afin de pouvoir tout finir.

The female komodo dragon can produce male offspring without the contribution of a male.  Because the female komodo dragon has ZW sex chromosomes and the male has ZZ, a female can lay eggs with just one Z chromosome and that egg will eventually develop into the ZZ of a male.

To learn more about the series which this painting is a part of, Crime Against Nature, visit the articles in this section of my blog.

Chez les dragons de komodo, la femelle peut se reproduire toute seule et même engendrer un mâle sans la contribution d’un père.  Parce que la femelle a des chromosomes ZW et le mâle a des ZZ, une femelle peut pondre des œufs avec un seul chromosome Z et l’œuf finira par se développer en ZZ pour devenir un mâle.

Pour en savoir plus sur la série dont ce tableau fait partie, Le crime contre nature, regardez les vidéos dans cette section de mon blog.

painting of a komodo dragon

Gwenn Seemel
Virgin birth (Komodo dragon) / La conception imaculée (Le dragon de komodo)
acrylic on panel / acrylique sur bois
10 x 10 inches / 25 x 25 centimètres
(detail below / détail plus bas)

peinture d'un dragon de komodo

- Working while playing / Travailler tout en jouant
- Do-over / À refaire
- On starting and finishing

- Taking time / Prendre son temps
- Working quickly / Travailler vite
- Finishing a painting / Finir un tableau

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(4) Comments / Commentaires: Beginning again in order to finish / Recommencer pour finir


Very interesting and makes sense - the second image is so strong with the hole/frame/blue veil/contained world around the Komoda/ Virgin Mary dragon smile . Curious though - why do you start on a brand new surface instead of painting over the original?

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Thank you Cathie! 

I had another panel prepped and I was too excited by my idea to wait for gesso to dry!  I am a little neurotic about that though.  Now I’ll be painting over the first komodo with something completely different, and I always wonder how the underlayer influences what’s on top when they supposedly have nothing to do with each other.  Maybe I’ll paint a virginal person on top…that or someone who can kill deer with poison saliva.  wink

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catherine lavigne...


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Well it’s fabulous - one of my favs. It’s gong to be one helluva show!

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