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Blogging and art-making / Bloguer et faire de l’art

2011 . 02 . 17 - Comments / Commentaires (4)

The two complement each other quite nicely. 

Les deux se complètent très bien.

My favorite posts of this last year of blogging are these:

- Validation matters.
- How I make sure my art doesn’t get ripped off on the Internet
- Art = content + delivery / L’art = le fond + la forme
- Imitate this. / Imitez ceci.
- The feminist art / L’art féministe
- Raising awareness about endometriosis
- Having an MFA doesn’t make you an artist
- Another kind of bell-ringing
- Change
- Making a living is like making a painting

Mes meilleurs articles et vidéoblogs de cette année sur Face Making sont les suivants:

- L’originalité n’est pas un mythe.
- About competition / Sur la concurrence
- The role of the artist / Le rôle de l’artiste
- Gagner sa vie avec son art
- La définition de l’art
- Allegorical portraiture / Le portrait allégorique
- Art = content + delivery / L’art = le fond + la forme
- Imitate this. / Imitez ceci.
- The feminist art / L’art féministe
- Do you call yourself an artist? / Prenez-vous le titre d’artiste?

- Asking questions / Poser des questions
- On blogging and being a better artist
- How to write an artist’s statement

- Right and wrong in art / Le correct et le pas correct dans l’art
- My new site / Mon nouveau site
- Asking questions / Poser des questions

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(4) Comments / Commentaires: Blogging and art-making / Bloguer et faire de l’art


I’ve loved reading/watching your blog, and I’m very happy (for my sake!) that producing it is all part of your artistic process.  I don’t feel like my own blog functions is the same way quite yet.  But it’s a baby-blog and I’m still finding my voice on the internet, so hopefully there’s still time for me to fine tune what I’m doing.  Thanks so sharing so much with us!

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Thank you Adriana!

When I look back at my first posts now it’s like when they run the comics from the beginning of an artist’s career: I see very little elegance.  And I suppose I’ll feel the same way about these current posts one day!

I enjoy your blog: it’s one of the few that I regularly check in with!

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Perhaps one reason blogging can feel like the “antidote” to art is that blogging involves words and painting usually doesn’t. Being a writer, I’ve found that my “antidote” to making written art is wordless activities like playing an instrument or even washing the dishes. In the same way, maybe you need blogging to balance out the high volume of wordless activities in your life. Just an idea. I love you blog and have found a lot of insight here.

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Very true!  My favorite break from painting is reading.  I think that also has to do with wanting to do some inputting after doing a lot of outputting.

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