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Citing sources as an artist / Citer ses sources en tant qu’artiste

2014 . 05 . 05 - Comments / Commentaires (2)

It’s too bad that it’s so risky for artists to admit that they’re influenced by other people’s work.

C’est dommage qu’il soit tellement risqué pour les artistes d’admettre qu’ils sont influencés par les œuvres d’autres artistes.

The comparison with the academic world was inspired by Michaëlle De Cock, one of my fellow speakers at TEDxGeneva and someone I talk about a bit more in this article about my Swiss adventure. Also, when I talk about the paintings of animals I made by looking at other photographers’ images, I’m referring to this series. In this article, I cite some sources for my style.

La comparaison avec le monde académique a été inspirée par Michaëlle De Cock, l’une des conférencières à TEDxGeneva et quelqu’un dont je parle dans cet article sur mon aventure suisse. Et quand je parle des peintures d’animaux que j’ai faites d’après les images d’autres photographes, ce sont celles-ci. Dans cet article, je cite quelques sources pour mon art.

- The secretive part of creativity / La partie secrète de la créativité
- Using other people’s images / Utiliser les images de quelqu’un d’autre
- The new genius myth

- Adrienne Lewis and me: 2 painters, 1 technique / Adrienne Lewis et moi: 2 peintres, 1 technique
- Imitateur? Oui. Innovateur? Peut-être.
- Posséder la culture

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(2) Comments / Commentaires: Citing sources as an artist / Citer ses sources en tant qu’artiste

-- Stephen Harlow -- 2015 . 01 . 19 --

Yes, you’ve come up against the limitations of our economic system as it pertains to “original” artwork. It is a shame that it is this way. My personal strategy to keep myself in the clear is to only use my own photographs as reference for my painting - although, on occasion, I’ve used other artist’s photos with their permission, which is a good option.

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-- Gwenn -- 2015 . 01 . 21 --

I used to keep myself free of other artists reference images too, but, now that I don’t, I feel like I was missing out before. Just because I haven’t experienced a thing personally doesn’t mean that experience’s imagery couldn’t be a good thing in my art.

I regularly use other artists’ images to make mine. I do it in a way that I feel good about, and where I’m not threatened (by the law or by an artist who seems touchy about copyright) I cite my sources. It feels really good to make that copy-conversation public!

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