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Communicating the value of art / Communiquer la valeur de l’art

2012 . 12 . 06 - Comments / Commentaires (4)

When artists don’t believe in the value of art, it’s very difficult for anyone else to do so.

Quand les artistes ne veulent pas parler de la valeur de l’art, il est très difficile pour les autres d’y croire.

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If you’re interested in the value of art, you might also like Pedigree, which is a project created by my partner. The next Pedigree is a week from today at Place. It’s a conversation about art, money, and art education with Horatio Law (who has an MFA and is a professor), Gabe Flores (who wants an MFA), and myself (who thinks MFAs miss the point entirely).

Pedigree: 13 December, 7 - 8 PM

3rd floor of Pioneer Place
SW 5th and Yamhill, Portland, Oregon

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Si les conversations sur la valeur de l’art vous intéressent, vous aimerez aussi Pedigree, qui est un projet créé par mon ami. Le prochain Pedigree aura lieu dans une semaine à Place. C’est une discussion de l’art, l’argent, et le système d’éducation artistique avec Horatio Law, Gabe Flores, et moi.

Pedigree: 13 décembre, 19h - 20h

2ème étage de Pioneer Place
SW 5th Avenue et Yamhill, Portland, USA

- Kirk Reeves, artist and icon
- How to be a professional artist
- Artists are future-makers.

- Comment être un artiste professionnel
- The magical mystery of art / Le mystère et la magie de l’art
- Why I talk about art / Pourquoi je parle de l’art

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(4) Comments / Commentaires: Communicating the value of art / Communiquer la valeur de l’art

-- Lisa Plemmons Harrison Caddel -- 2012 . 12 . 06 --

I’ve come to believe that we are surrounded by art, art, art, so much that we as a society don’t even recognize it anymore. It is so commonplace as to be taken for granted and not appreciated for what it is. We live in it, we wear it, we drive it, we watch it, we see it, we hear it, and it influences our thinking without even the recognition of the lie that is art. I think that discernment and awareness are necessary. I believe in the work that artist’s like yourself do. Art is powerful. Art may illuminate the truth, or point to the truth and yet it is not truth, it is art. It is perception defined. It seems to me that the communication of this distinction is important. I think this may be the most important work for the artist, to proclaim that art is constructed. Whether beautiful or ugly, practical or esoteric it is made up and what one thinks about can be made up too and changed at a whim. Humans create constantly. Artist’s create with consciousness and claim it, and as you suggest, preferably with boldness.

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-- Gwenn -- 2012 . 12 . 06 --

Very interesting, this notion that we are surrounded by art and, specifically, the lie of art!  We’re hypnotized by the shiny.  But maybe the shiny that hypnotizes is more propaganda or design than art, and art differentiates itself by being the form of communication to un-hypnotize…?

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-- Stormy Faery -- 2014 . 05 . 16 --

Very interesting indeed. And I agree with you both. People like what I call “bling bling” art. Something glazing but empty.

Yesterday a sentence came to my hears… and it made me understand why we have to explain and communicate about our art. Il share it with you, hoping it will be hopefull to other artists.

here it is :

“a man walk and meet another breaking stones. The first ask the second why is he doing this ? The second aswer I’m just breaking stones.
The man continue walking and meet another man breaking stones. This one aswer to the question : I need to feed my family that’s why I’m breaking stones.
Then a little later, the man meet another fellow breaking stones. Same question. He answer : “I’m breaking this stones because I want to build a cathedral”.

Same action, realy different purpose ! So that made me understand that we have to communicate about the “why” (Chinese would say intention) we are doing things in general,and beeing concious about that, and our art is very important.

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-- Gwenn -- 2014 . 05 . 22 --

Excellent story, Stormy. It’s about intentions, but also about marketing. Marketing is all about the why of the thing in the end!

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