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Drawing Frida, the bear, and the television

2017 . 05 . 04 - Comments / Commentaires (2)

In this video, I explain the choices I made to create the image.

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Frida Kahlo with a television and a bear

Gwenn Seemel
Frida with television and bear
marker and pen on paper
9 x 12 inches

This is the video that was the catalyst for the drawing, and I’m on Patreon here.

Frida Kahlo with a television and a bear

detail of Frida with television and bear

The original drawing of Frida is available for $50—contact me if you’re interested—and there are prints and things here.

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- The artist’s vulnerability / La vulnérabilité de l’artiste

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(2) Comments / Commentaires: Drawing Frida, the bear, and the television

-- lee ozanne -- 2017 . 05 . 04 --

You succeeded in your goal of making an INTERESTING video!.  And it’s good you used one of Frieda Kahlo’s self-portraits because you got her FAMOUS eyebrows colliding over the bridge of her nose. 
  Also your time-lapse technique ANIMATED the process of your drawing which made it a lot of fun to watch.
  Yet I missed any connection to Frieda and the bear—- unless the bear designated Diego.

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-- Gwenn -- 2017 . 05 . 04 --

@Lee: Thank you! smile This <a >quick video</a> explains the bear and the reason for the whole drawing.

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