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Never the easy pretty

2009 . 11 . 25 - Comments / Commentaires (3)

Beauty is easy to find in fresh flowers and plants…


...but it’s a beauty without layers or history.

dahlia bud

It’s the easy kind of pretty…

nasturtium leaf

...not the kind of pretty that has any depth.

oak leaf wasp gall

I’ve always been drawn to beauty with a bit more character, like this oak leaf covered in wasp galls.

oak leaf wasp gall

This kind of loveliness makes for images that are not decorative.

orange dandelion

These pictures ask to be looked at rather than dismissed as simply a representation of an oak leaf or a dandelion or a hydrangea flower.


I suppose my interest has to do with wanting to capture a specific flower or plant, instead of photographing the most generic form of a species. It’s again my obsession with the difference between portraiture and its bland cousin, figurative art.


Around this time of year, the hydrangea flowers in Brittany are especially beautiful and individual.


Their fading state of near-decay makes for surprising spots of color here and there.



- Making change, one image at a time.
- In search of specificity
- Every person is a work of art.

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(3) Comments / Commentaires: Never the easy pretty

-- joshua -- 2009 . 11 . 25 --

Thanks Gwen,
You just summed up alot of aeshetic theory, beutifully and simply.  It’s also a nice definition for what I think of art as being.
I think this applies to faces very well. Everyone, looked at closely has a quirky beauty that I aim for in My portraits.
Thanks, again.
You are a great teacher!

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-- Gala Gauthier -- 2016 . 05 . 10 --

They say, That we cannot function in our brain if we cannot find a solution to a Puzzle.
IQ test based on patterns recognition and solving them.
It seems that we are stressed if we can not find a solution to a Puzzle in short amount of time .. so if we don’t find a solution we make one up …
I think,  things in decay trigger this uneasy feeling of what will happen next after we as a things on this planet decays .
this is my;
We are born to die. and dying to be born.

this is your “Never the easy Pretty”

--- -- - --- - ---- - ---- - --- - -- ---

-- Gwenn -- 2016 . 05 . 15 --

@Gala: Yes! That easy prettiness is a kind of pattern. Simply understood, no need for deep thought. More a symbol of itself than anything concrete. Very true.

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