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When your friend likes bad art / Quand votre ami apprécie de l’art horrible

2018 . 05 . 19 - Comments / Commentaires (2)

As a way of celebrating my fifteenth birthday as an artist, I’m sharing from my personal journals from when I was first starting out as an artist!

Pour fêter mes quinze ans en tant qu’artiste professionnel, je partage de mes journaux intimes de quand je débutais en tant qu’artiste!

I won’t say that this is what ended my friendship with L, but we were never the same afterwards. The art you like says a lot about you! I have no love for traditional art.

Je ne dirai pas que c’est ceci qui a terminé mon amitié avec L, mais ce n’était pas pareil par la suite. L’art que vous aimez en dit long sur qui vous êtes! Je n’ai pas d’amour pour l’art traditionnel.



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(2) Comments / Commentaires: When your friend likes bad art / Quand votre ami apprécie de l’art horrible

-- Cathy Hasty -- 2018 . 05 . 19 --

After watching this I researched “Neo-classicism” and found an entry that this form of art “was a child of the Age of Reason (the Enlightenment), when philosophers believed that we would be able to control our destinies by learning from and following the laws of nature (the United States was founded on Enlightenment philosophy). ”  I disagree that the US was founded ONLY on Enlightenment but find it interesting how much I disagree with the foundations of neo classism.  Does our attraction to kinds of art reveal deeper unconscious and pre conscious attitudes, assumptions and values?  Something to think about more deeply. THANK you for posting such interesting ideas and images.

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-- Gwenn -- 2018 . 05 . 19 --

@Cathy: Absolutely! I think it’s not always obvious exactly how to translate what our love of a certain kind of art means, but I do think it reveals tons about us.

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