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2009 . 12 . 24 - Comments / Commentaires (2)

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Artists’ Fellowship Inc and Change Inc helping me out with recent medical expenses. On Monday, the Haven Foundation awarded me a generous grant that completely pays off my bills.

holding an award letter

Over the last few years, I’ve received a number of awards to fund artistic projects and help pay for career opportunities. While I am grateful for these grants and for the implicit vote of confidence that comes with them, they don’t touch me in the same way as the awards from Artists’ Fellowship Inc, Change Inc, and the Haven Foundation do.

I work hard in order to make my living doing only what I love to do. When I racked up all those medical bills last summer, it was discouraging to see my hard work come to nothing. I was deep in debt, struggling with the physical and emotional recovery process, and still trying to meet deadlines that I had set pre-illness. I was sure I would find a way to make everything work, but I couldn’t conceive of just how I would do it.

I know it’s in the nature of emergency relief grants to save the day in a time of crisis, but that doesn’t make their support any less inspiring.

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(2) Comments / Commentaires: Gratitude

-- Vanessa -- 2009 . 12 . 24 --

You are what is inspiring! Your gratitude and faith in your gifts and willingness to share them with all of us are such a joy. No one deserves this more than you Gwenn. It is so nice to hear a happy ending to a financial medical crisis story these days as we struggle to get decent health care for all in this country.

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-- Claire -- 2009 . 12 . 25 --

Oh, what good news! Bravo, Artists’ Fellowship Inc, Change Inc, and the Haven Foundation, for helping out where it was truly needed!

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