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Working on many paintings at the same time

2010 . 03 . 15 - Comments / Commentaires (4)

My sweetheart helped me put together two time lapse videos of me working on a handful of paintings.

In this first one, I work mostly on the painting featured in this post about process, but I also use the colors that I mix for Hazel’s portrait on everything else I have going in the studio, turning them into a funny kind of family. Also, David brings me a strawberry to munch on because he’s the best.

I took this time lapse soon after the first one. When I water down the paint a lot, I work on my canvases laid out on the floor; when I leave the acrylics thicker, I paint on my own version of an easel (okay, okay, so it’s a big glass block). The finished paintings from this video are Jeffrey’s, Ed’s, and John’s.

- Making a living is like making a painting
- Seeing red
- The barter economy

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(4) Comments / Commentaires: Working on many paintings at the same time

-- Claire -- 2010 . 03 . 16 --

This is so cool! Thank you so much for posting these videos! It’s great to see you at work! I recognized Ed’s portrait right away, even though the final version is quite different. You had already captured him at this point in the process. You’re doing amazing things in a small space!
And well done, David—always feed the artist!

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-- Maggie -- 2010 . 03 . 23 --

Fun to watch! Heading down to Corvallis this weekend and will stop into the Art Center to see your show. Looking forward to it-

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-- Joy Collier -- 2017 . 01 . 23 --

I love your postings and process. It is a delight to see.
I too work on many paintings at once, but mine are very large and I have them hanging all over the house and studio, that way I can study them and anticipate the next step. Working on one at a time seems very stressful to me for some reason, switching from one to the next is quite freeing.
Thank you so much for sharing. I love your artwork and I wish you the very best!!! Joy

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-- Gwenn -- 2017 . 01 . 23 --

@Joy: I’m pleased to meet you virtually! And yes, that stress of working on one. I understand that a certain kind of focus works for some people, but it is not in me to work on just one painting. And I love the idea of a changing gallery of art throughout your house. I limit it to my studio walls usually, but it’s the same concept—happening upon the work and catching it unawares so that I can really see it again. smile

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