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Meet the makers!

2018 . 09 . 10 - Comments / Commentaires (0)

Last month, I was in DC making art for The Doors of Make Room public art exhibition, and this week the show opens with a press conference on September 13th at 10:30 AM at Freedom Plaza!

What: The Doors of Make Room, public art exhibition
Where: various locations throughout DC, to be announced on the 13th
When: September 13th through 28th

I am one of eleven artists who was hired by Make Room, and today I want to tell you about the six creatives I got to make art with in DC.

The Doors of Make Room

I shared my workspace with ZYNB. I mean, all seven of us were in one studio together, but ZYNB and I painted on doors that faced each other, so we were working back to back. I usually like to be alone while working, so I was pleasantly surprised by ZYNB, who made sharing space not only easy, but fun! I missed her cheerful presence when I made it back to my home studio.

The Doors of Make Room

Through the communal studio experience, I learned quite a bit from the other artists. The bright blue in the upper right of this image really pops. Some of that has to do with the way Charis Ammon juxtaposed the blue with the reddish-pink of the building, but some of it has to do with the pigment too. It’s Manganese Blue, a paint I’d given up on a few years back because the texture was sort of gummy. I still have a tube though, and inspired by Charis I started using it again. I am in love!

The Doors of Make Room

Along with ZYNB and Charis, Cathy Abramson usually doesn’t paint in acrylics. I was impressed that these artists would take on a 72 hour deadline with a medium that isn’t their primary mode for art-making. I was floored by their courage going into the project as well as by the beautiful work they produced.

The Doors of Make Room

You can’t tell from this photo, but Rachel Sousa’s design is bold. At first glance, it seems simple, but its precise lines made it a challenge to create. Watching her work, I gathered tips for executing my designs more cleanly.

The Doors of Make Room

Throughout history there have been artists who have had direct support building their business, but I’ve rarely met creatives who work that way. Amol Saraf’s wife Alpana is an integral part of his career and it was interesting to see how that plays out for them.

The Doors of Make Room

This photo makes little sense until you see Kim Testone’s piece, and I won’t try to explain the green that frames the image. I’ll just say that it captures an essential part of Kim’s process, just like the little disposable condiment cups she gave me. I’m talking about the small plastic cups with covers that you might get your ketchup in when you get take-out from a restaurant. Kim had bought them in bulk and used them to store colors she had mixed. Her method saved me plenty of paint, and it’s something I’ll definitely incorporate into future projects.

The Doors of Make Room

This is Kashe from Make Room, who was with us for most of the 45+ hours we spent in the studio. She made our art possible by taking care of logistics so that all we had to do was show up and paint.

The four other artists all used spray paint on their doors, so they were in a better ventilated location and I didn’t get to meet them. I can’t wait to see what Hermes Berrio, Angela Faz, Lola Lovenotes, and Shani Shih made of their doors, and I’m excited to see everyone’s work installed in DC!

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