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Recently, I was invited to join Decipher Podcast to talk about copyright and artists making money from their work. The episode tells a few fascinating stories of artists who have had their intellectual property stolen as well as stories of artists who have had their creative wings clipped by the nebulous threat of IP law. As the episode progresses, we get into possible solutions and suggest ways we all might improve our lives and our world.

Decipher Podcast

screenshot of Decipher Podcast

For the sake of decorum, one thing I didn’t bring up during the podcast is that I am convinced that art must be free. It’s not a popular notion among creatives. There’s this idea that being “paid in exposure” is the insult added to the injury of trying to make your way as an artist in America—especially an artist who’s a person of color, a woman, or someone with a marginalized identity. But I’m not buying it.

Art isn’t like a manufacturing business, which can be boiled down to “make the thing, get paid for it.” And it’s not a service, which essentially means “do the thing, get paid for it.” Art is an entirely different kind of business, something that I discuss at length in this talk from 2016.

- Understanding inspiration / Comprendre l’inspiration
- On VAGA, copyright, and what motivates humans
- Living artists giving to the public domain / Les artistes vivants qui donnent au domaine public

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