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This looks like a job for a chicano!

2008 . 02 . 17 - Comments / Commentaires (1)

Luis and I went to high school together, and college too for part of the time. With Apple Pie, I’ve been glad to reconnect with some old friends. Painting the portrait of someone I know well isn’t easier (usually it’s more difficult!), but it is more fun. 

sketch of a Mexican-American Superman

A sketch of Luis as a different kind of Superman. I was working from photos of just his face, and that’s painfully clear in the vagueness of his hands.

American artist Gwenn Seemel

photo by David

This is my first attempt at This Looks Like A Job For A Chicano! Ultimately, I abandoned this painting because it looked too much like my hands were undressing Luis. (I had been using my hands as models.)

portrait of Luis Jose Rivas 

After another photo session with Luis, I started this painting. Between last spring, when I was working on the original painting, and now, my concept for the piece changed too—manifest in the background of the painting.

portrait of Luis Jose Rivas

Underpainting certain areas in white so that the final color will have a luminosity.

portrait of Luis Jose Rivas

Establishing the colors.

portrait of Luis Jose Rivas

Here, I still hadn’t worked much on Luis’ hands.

portrait of Luis Jose Rivas

The home stretch.

a different kind of Superman

Gwenn Seemel
This Looks Like A Job For A Chicano! (Mexican-American)
acrylic on bird’s eye
19 x 25 inches
(detail below)

detail image

- Civil rights and multipotentialites
- Liberty, equality, and homeland security.
- Gender profiling

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(1) Comments / Commentaires: This looks like a job for a chicano!

-- Homager X -- 2009 . 05 . 21 --

Ha, this one made me chuckle.
Not because of the theme,
but because it’s so quirky…
lot of nervous energy in the face,
well done.

--- -- - --- - ---- - ---- - --- - -- ---

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