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2014 . 01 . 09 - Comments / Commentaires (5)

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This year, I did a class for Soul Food, a series of online courses in which artists share a snippet of their studio practice via video and then work with participants online to hone the skills they’ve presented. My workshop focused on drawing with colorful pens and going after confidence in mark-making.

Which is to say, it was something like the above video, only more so: it’s a half hour of explaining and showing.

Gwenn Seemel drawing

drawing by Gwenn Seemel

My class has already aired, but, if you sign up for Soul Food, you can access my lesson through the end of 2014 along with all the other ones as they go live.

Piarom drawing

drawing by Piarom

Doing Soul Food means meeting lots of fascinating people.

Cynthia Leary Stroo drawing

drawing by Cynthia Leary Stroo

People who are making beautiful things, sharing them with each other, and building community.

Joyce van der Lely drawing Sandy Leamon Derryberry drawing

drawings by Joyce van der Lely and Sandy Leamon Derryberry

These images are just a small handful of all the lovelies inspired by my workshop so far.

Gisela Wichern drawing Kate Powell drawing

drawings by Gisela Wichern and Kate Powell

To see more and get a twice-a-week dose of creativity, sign up for Soul Food here!

- Drawing me / Me dessiner
- Learning from copying / Apprendre avec l’imitation
- “Thinking outside the box” is silly.

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(5) Comments / Commentaires: Workshopping!

-- Libby Fife -- 2014 . 01 . 09 --


I’ve actually been kind of waiting for this vlog:) Thanks! I had guessed what you were doing and have been trying it out myself and you are very right, it is easier to get the line down and correct with successive colors. And start over if you need to. My opinion is that the sketching (and painting) is like casting about for the right word to describe something. There are probably several words or phrases that fit. You just have to hit on the right one that best describes what you want to say.

Thanks again. I appreciate seeing the vlog and the images from the participants.


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-- Sandy Derryberry -- 2014 . 01 . 09 --

Thank you Gwenn for sharing another video with us! I loved both Dog drawings, but see what you mean by capturing his expression in the second one. I am wondering if you would tell me what were those fine tipped markers you were using? I really like the lines you got with them. Thanks again!

--- -- - --- - ---- - ---- - --- - -- ---

-- Gwenn -- 2014 . 01 . 09 --

@Libby: I consider my drawings to be a form of visual thinking out loud.  It’s like I’m visually talking about something and I discover what I’m actually trying to visually say as I talk!

@Sandy: Thank YOU for lending your art to this post!  The pens I use in this video are Tombows first, then Pentels, then Uni-Balls!

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-- Timaree -- 2014 . 01 . 18 --

I did it!  I signed up for Soul Food!  I found your videos through a newsletter from Leslie Riley with 52 Pick Up.  Now I have way more than enough to do as I have already signed up for several other classes but Soul Food sounded too great to pass up.  I like the variety it seems we’ll be getting!  Thanks for sharing.

--- -- - --- - ---- - ---- - --- - -- ---

-- Gwenn -- 2014 . 01 . 19 --

@Timaree: Huzzah!  I’ll look out for you in the community conversations!

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