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Le blog de l’artiste peintre franco-américaine Gwenn Seemel. Les articles sont en anglais et en français, et souvent ils sont bilingues.

On being part of the transitional generation

2008 . 04 . 17 - Comments / Commentaires (0)

American Gothic for a new generation

There’s a whole lot more going on between first and second generation Americans than simply a change in country of birth.

Judge a book by its cover.

2008 . 04 . 16 - Comments / Commentaires (2)

before and after a breast enlargement surgery

The physical and the intangible aspects of a person are closely related.

Just this side of prostitution

2008 . 04 . 13 - Comments / Commentaires (0)

portrait painting

The moral status of the working artist is as hotly debated as ever in the art world, but at least my moral status isn’t up for discussion anymore.

Contributing member

2008 . 04 . 10 - Comments / Commentaires (0)

Eli Stutsman

Sometimes I let myself make serious work, but hopefully never work that takes itself too seriously!

Snow days are a state of mind.

2008 . 04 . 07 - Comments / Commentaires (0)

Shauna Parsons' portrait

Breaking the rhythm of the everyday restores value to the everyday.

Sign on the dotted line.

2008 . 04 . 04 - Comments / Commentaires (0)

model release form, portrait painting

Written agreements are an artist’s best friend, and model releases are a necessity for portraits. 

Make work in series.

2008 . 04 . 02 - Comments / Commentaires (0)

Oregon artist Robert Hess

Fully exploring a theme makes all the difference when presenting work to venues for exhibitions.

Denim that refuses to be blue

2008 . 03 . 30 - Comments / Commentaires (9)

Gwenn Seemel's paint dyed pants

This is one case of the clothes making the person, but only so long as the person makes the clothes.

[version française]

The cutting edge of FOLK art

2008 . 03 . 27 - Comments / Commentaires (15)

portrait bag

Art that’s for the people is compelling, subversive, incisive and important precisely because it’s for the people.

To flatter or not to flatter

2008 . 03 . 27 - Comments / Commentaires (0)

detail image of a portrait

The portraitist’s ultimate dilemma—or is it? 

Reviving and redefining a tradition

2008 . 03 . 25 - Comments / Commentaires (0)

a portable portrait by Gwenn Seemel

Painted portraiture is dead. Long live painted portraiture!

On saving paints and brushes

2008 . 03 . 24 - Comments / Commentaires (2)
acrylic paint on palette

A few practical tips I wish someone had given me when I was starting out.

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Je m’appelle Gwenn Seemel, et j’habite aux États-Unis. Je suis artiste peintre. Je crée des vidéoblogs et des articles en français et en anglais. En savoir plus...

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