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Le blog de l’artiste peintre franco-américaine Gwenn Seemel. Les articles sont en anglais et en français, et souvent ils sont bilingues.

This (for example) is a real person.

2008 . 03 . 04 - Comments / Commentaires (12)

portrait by Portland artist

A square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not always a square. A portrait is usually figurative but not all figurative work is portraiture.

“Your paintings actually look better in person.”

2008 . 03 . 02 - Comments / Commentaires (1)

portrait of Kirk Reeves

I’ve been told my portraits are more vibrant in person than online.

Engaged and engaging

2008 . 03 . 01 - Comments / Commentaires (5)

photos of Beth Kirk Smith

Painting from photographs is the best way to make a lively and lifelike portrait.

Recently, I was scoffed at.

2008 . 02 . 29 - Comments / Commentaires (4)

Portland artist Gwenn Seemel working

The in-home studio versus the outside one.

Love your clients or leave them.

2008 . 02 . 27 - Comments / Commentaires (1)

portrait of Erik Schneider

The sweet science of making art for commission. 

I’m not a good painter…

2008 . 02 . 26 - Comments / Commentaires (2)

paint brushes in dirty water

...but my brushes are!

What is the value of art?

2008 . 02 . 23 - Comments / Commentaires (7)

Rosie the Riveter wearing a hijab

Rosie had some idea, but Raha The Riveter knows for sure. 

Starting from the very…middle?

2008 . 02 . 22 - Comments / Commentaires (4)

a portrait by Gwenn Seemel

I think it’s a very good place to start. 

But can you jam it under a car seat?

2008 . 02 . 20 - Comments / Commentaires (4)

Megan Ward and her You Bag

A painting’s process is just beginning when it leaves the studio.

On severed fingertips and the only acceptable way to torture oneself

2008 . 02 . 19 - Comments / Commentaires (1)

two painted portraits

These two little faces gave me no end of trouble. 

Chú Xam, a Vietnamese-American Uncle Sam

2008 . 02 . 18 - Comments / Commentaires (3)

a different kind of Uncle Sam

For every portrait I paint, I work from photos I take of my subjects during the course of an interview.

This looks like a job for a chicano!

2008 . 02 . 17 - Comments / Commentaires (1)

This Looks Like A Job For a Chicano

Completed today, another painting from Apple Pie, my upcoming series about what it means to be an American.

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Je m’appelle Gwenn Seemel, et j’habite aux États-Unis. Je suis artiste peintre. Je crée des vidéoblogs et des articles en français et en anglais. En savoir plus...

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