I place my art in the public domain.

I am happy for you to copy, display, and use my work in any way, and you are welcome to create derivative works from my images, words, and videos. I would love it if you gave me credit when you use my art.

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If you’re interested in a high resolution version of any of my images, I do have a fee for providing it. Part of how I make my living is by charging for printable versions of my art, so please email me if you’re looking for something like that. Otherwise, enjoy the images published online however you’d like.

If you’re interested in my portrait work, please be aware that the subjects have a say in how their likenesses are used. To contact one of them in order to obtain permission for use of a portrait, email me.

I am passionate about building a world where artists and creativity both thrive, and, as far as I can tell, that’s a world without copyright. If you’re interested in learning more about why viewing cultural expression as intellectual property is problematic, I would recommend:

  • this documentary which features many important free culture advocates.
  • this book by the inventor of Creative Commons, Lawrence Lessig.
  • my book about why I put my art in the public domain.

In 2014, I spoke at TEDxGeneva about the role of imitation in creativity and about how copyright is as much a paradigm as it is a law. This is the video of the talk.