Gwenn Seemel

French-American artist, painter, portraitist.


-—On imitation and creativity!—-
Recently, I spoke at TEDxGeneva, an event that addressed the question of freedom in the digital age. For more information, go here!


Crime Against Nature poster

-—Understanding gender!—-
The painting pictured here has been digitally altered to include text. Both the image and the words are part of a project about the misinformation we’ve been fed about what’s natural and what’s not. More memes like this one are here or in my RedBubble shop, and for more about the project check out the book featured below.

-—Making news!—-
BoingBoing, Scientific American,, Apartment Therapy, Hyperallergic, and the Willamette Week all think my work is worth a look.

Crime Against Nature

Crime Against Nature the digital book

-—A book about what’s natural!—-
My most recent project, Crime Against Nature, is a series of paintings of animals as well as a book which celebrates the true diversity of behaviors surrounding gender roles and sexuality. You can buy a print copy of the book or a PDF of it here, and you can read the complete e-book online here for free.

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