Gwenn Seemel

French-American artist, painter, portraitist.

Matt Burton

Gwenn Seemel’s Matt 2016

-—Portraying people—-
I may have been painting portraits for over a decade now, but it never gets old because humans are endlessly fascinating. To find out more about commissioning a portrait, go here.

-—Cultivating creativity—-
My marketing expertise is featured on Your Creative Push and in a mention on 99U as well as in Cory Huff’s new book How to Sell Your Art Online. For more businessy thoughts, check out this section of my blog.

-—Art talk—-
The inspiration for this talk was a small conference for artrepreneurs; I created this video so that it could be shared more widely. In 2014, I spoke at TEDxGeneva about free culture and later wrote this book about uncopyrighting your art.

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