Gwenn Seemel

French-American artist, painter, portraitist.

lion storm

Gwenn Seemel’s Superstorm (After Sandburg’s fog) 2016

-—Painted poetry—-
This painting is inspired by two poets and a storm, and right now it’s on view at the Long Beach Island Branch of the Ocean County Library on the Jersey shore. For more about the art and the exhibit, go here.

Crime Against Nature by Gwenn Seemel

poster from Crime Against Nature

-—A book about what’s natural—-
Crime Against Nature celebrates the true diversity of behaviors surrounding gender roles and sexuality. This project was recently censored in small-town America and praised on the Internet.

-—Art talk—-
To watch my TEDx talk from Geneva, go here. This conference presentation from 2015 in France expands on the ideas addressed in Switzerland, and this 25-minute video explains how artists make a living.

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