Gwenn Seemel

French-American artist, painter, portraitist.

coloring book by Gwenn Seemel

coloring book by Gwenn Seemel

-—Coloring book—-
Crime Against Nature is now available as a coloring book with over fifty pretty drawings of animals. To order a copy, go here!

-—Uncopyrighting your art—-
You Share Good is a book about why I decided to give up my copyright and why other artists might want to as well. You can read the complete e-book here online or purchase a PDF.

-—Prints for sale—-
Many animal paintings along with a few select portraits and a lot of photos and drawings are available through RedBubble.

-—Art talk—-
Last year, TEDxGeneva invited me to speak on the topic of free culture, and this is the video of the presentation. Last summer, I did a conference in France which builds on the ideas presented in my TED talk and, if you’re looking for more still about uncopyright, this book explains everything in greater detail.

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