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Recently, I spoke at TEDxGeneva. The theme for the event was freedom in the digital age, and, where my talk was concerned, it was about how we define freedom for artists. The video won’t be available for a while, but, for a taste of the sorts of things I talked about, visit this section of my blog!

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This May, I’ll be participating in the panel discussion Stories from the field: How 5 artists forged their professional paths. Put on by the Regional Arts and Culture Council and moderated by Eve Connell, the discussion promises to be lively! For more information about just what will be covered, go here.

Regional Arts and Culture Council

10 May from 10 AM to 1 PM
Go here for tickets!

Mosaic Church
1832 NE Cesar E Chavez Boulevard
Portland, OR 97212

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Creative Insurgents

still from Creative Insurgents


Not too long ago, I talked with the Creative Insurgents crew about art marketing and copyright. The video of the interview is here. Also, my work was featured in a recent article on The Abundant Artist, and I was interviewed on Artist Think here.

What’s more, About.com, Scientific American, Hyperallergic, and BoingBoing all think my project Crime Against Nature is worth a look.

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Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Oregon Art Beat has been featuring regional art for fifteen years now, and, to celebrate, OPB and its artists are putting on a show. To see the 2010 segment which talks about my work, go here, and please come enjoy the festivities this spring!

Oregon Art Beat

still from Oregon Art Beat

Reception: 19 April from 2 to 9 PM
Party: 17 May from 2 to 9 PM

Open: 19 April through 15 June
Hours: Thursday through Sunday, 12 to 6 PM

     Mark Woolley Gallery
     Peoples Art of Portland Gallery
     Art Beat Main Stage Gallery
top floor of the Atrium Building at Pioneer Place
700 SW 5th Avenue
Portland, OR 97204

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Gwenn Seemel at the American Association for the Advancement of Science

still from event video


Last summer, as part of The Art Of Science Policy exhibition at the American Association for the Advancement of Science in DC, I was invited to speak at Visualizing Science Policy in 20x20 along with a number of other artists and scientists. You can read more about the event here on the AAAS site.

All of the talks are available online here. Mine explains details of some paintings from my Apple Pie series, and it explores how art and science are about questions instead of answers. It begins at the 57 minute mark.

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drawing by Gwenn Seemel

Gwenn Seemel’s drawing of Molly and Blue


These days, I’m working on a new collection of portraits. Cover/Flaunt explores the ways we minimize or emphasize different facets of our identities in order to navigate mainstream culture.

For more information about Cover/Flaunt go here, and for regular updates as this series progresses visit this section of my blog.

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Crime Against Nature poster

Crime Against Nature poster


This poster is one presentation of Crime Against Nature, the book I published in 2012. It combines an image of the work with the text from the book to create a punchy little meme that sums up the point of the project: that we don’t know as much about what is actually natural as we think we do!

For more posters, go here. To buy prints of these posters in various sizes, visit my RedBubble shop!

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I now have a section of my site that gathers all my books together in one location. This also allowed me to put the entire e-book Crime Against Nature directly on my site. You can flip through it here.

Art Marketing, digital book by Gwenn Seemel

Art Marketing the digital book

And, to celebrate my tenth anniversary as a full-time working artist, I published this new e-book. It’s about how art marketing isn’t just about selling more art. You can read it here for FREE, or there’s a downloadable PDF version of the book available for $3.

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Kevin Cook's portrait on a canvas bag

Gwenn Seemel’s Kevin Cook 2009


In the last decade, I’ve been pleased to paint lots of fascinating people. If you’re looking for one in particular, check out this page listing all of my portraits by the subjects’ names.

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I keep a blog that is sometimes in French and often in English—more and more the articles and videos are presented bilingually. It’s a lot of writing and process images with a good amount of photos and videos too.

Face Making focuses on my own art practice, the business of art, being an artist for free culture, and the difficulties of living with endometriosis.

The video at right is an example of my vlogging. In it, I talk about how hard work is more important than talent.

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Please email me at gwenn@gwennseemel.com if you would like to be added to my mailing list for notices about upcoming shows and events, or find me online here:

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