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Art Marketing by Gwenn Seemel

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- Prologue
- Why promote your art
- The importance of validation
- What context is
- Juxtaposition and its uses
- Relating to your audience
- Conclusion
- Epilogue
- Thanks
- Bio

Art marketing isn’t just about selling more art. It’s about making better art and also about finding success through a fuller understanding the artist’s role. More a manifesto about the deeply social nature of art than an analytical step-by-step guide, Art Marketing intends to inspire artists to think of promoting their work as an essential part of the process of art-making.

I wrote this book in 2013 to celebrate ten years as a full-time artist. In that time, I went from resenting the artist’s statement as a too-wordy expression for a visual artist to blogging regularly and writing books. This change flowed from a desire to communicate more effectively and to help my art be all it can be.

Art Marketing, digital book by Gwenn Seemel

Art Marketing the digital book

You can read this e-book for free by clicking on the large cover image at the top of this page. There’s also a downloadable PDF of the book available for $3.

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