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You Share Good by Gwenn Seemel

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- Introduction
- How to know if you believe in copyright
- Why you must learn about copyright
- The copyright paradigm
- Culture owners, every one of us
- Imitation is good
- Where to find originality
- Copyright: The man, the myth
- Getting business done
- A question of values
- Practical tips
- Conclusion
- Further reading/watching
- Acknowledgements
- List of images
- About the author

For over a decade now, I have made my living as an artist. A few years ago I turned away from copyright and began putting my art directly into the public domain. This book is about why I made that decision and why other artists might want to question copyright as well, whether or not they give up on it entirely in the end.

Much of the text deconstructs copyright, both as a law and as a way of viewing creativity, but starting with the chapter called “Getting business done” I get into how copyright and its alternatives work. In the last chapter, I share practical tips for how to actually go about freeing your art.

You Share Good, book by Gwenn Seemel

You Share Good

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You Share Good, digital book by Gwenn Seemel

You Share Good the digital book

You can read this e-book for free by clicking on the large cover image at the top of this page. There’s also a downloadable PDF of the book available for $4.

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In 2014, I spoke at TEDxGeneva about the role that imitation plays in creativity and this is the video. A year later, I did a follow-up presentation at the Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre in France. That talk is available here with English subtitles.

For more about freeing art from copyright, visit this section of my blog. It includes vlogs like this one about what I learned when I discovered that another artist was most likely imitating my style. The full post with more images and links is here.

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