Crime Against Nature

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bald eagle fanfin seadevil whale peacock panther chameleon two zebras Coho salmon clownfish spotted hyena gray wolf red fox gray squirrel African mantis dromedary Bynoe's gecko red kangaroo seahorse Dayak fruit bat emperor penguin American crow meerkat lioness attacking a warthog female ring-tailed lemurs fighting bee two male giraffes necking gull bonobos two peach-faced lovebirds two male mountain gorillas killer whales a snake ball bighorn sheep black rhinoceros and baby grizzly black swan elephants

These posters come from Crime Against Nature, which is both a book and a series of paintings. They combine images of the works with the text from the book to create punchy little memes that sum up the point of the project: that we don’t know as much about what is actually natural as we think we do!

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Crime Against Nature, book by Gwenn Seemel

Crime Against Nature

The book includes all the images and text featured here plus a foreword by the evolutionary biologist Joan Roughgarden.

The print version is available for $32. This price includes shipping within the United States, but, if you would like the book to be sent elsewhere, please email me for details.

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Crime Against Nature, digital book by Gwenn Seemel

Crime Against Nature the digital book

You can read the digital version of the book for free here on this site. And there’s also a downloadable PDF of the book available for $6.

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Crime Against Nature, the coloring book

Crime Against Nature, the coloring book

This is the coloring book version Crime Against Nature. It contains all fifty-six original images, reformatted and remade in black and white, ready for you to color in as you please.

It’s available for $11. This price does not include shipping or tax, both of which will be calculated by Lulu, the print service which will manufacture the book and mail it to you.

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Mr Mondialisation

screenshot of Mr Mondialisation

The stakes are high in this seemingly playful and light children’s book.

— - Staff, Mr Mondialisation, august 2016 -- - full story in French

About Sexuality

screenshot of

It’s beautiful and weird and quirky and is guaranteed to spark conversation. ...[It belongs] on the coffee table as much as in the classroom.

     — - Cory Silverberg,, June 2013 -- - full story


screenshot of Scientific American

Seemel’s book ... reminds us that if you’re inclined to look to nature for answers regarding what is ‘normal,’ ‘natural,’ or even ‘moral,’ it’s clear that nature passes no judgement.

     — - Kalliopi Monoyios, Scientific American, May 2013 -- - full story


screenshot of Hyperallergic

The glimpses that Seemel has illustrated of the real wildness of the natural world are fascinating.

     — - Allison Meier, Hyperallergic, April 2013 -- - full story


screenshot of BoingBoing

The issues at play here are hefty and potentially uncomfortable, but the book itself is light, playful, and pleasantly un-preachy.

     — - Maggie Koerth-Baker, BoingBoing, January 2013 -- - full story

Development of Crime Against Nature was made possible by the generous support of the Regional Arts and Culture Council and by lots of other lovely people.