Drawings on paper

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fox art lion art lhasapoo dog art cat art bunny art pug art fox art lion art Kerry blue terrier art elephant art unicorn art panda art octopus art octopus art cardinal art wolf art falcon art shark art Pug art impala art hawk art bear art squirrel art dog art moose art bird art tiger art bear art goat art groundhog art lion art bee art cat art bunny art monkey art frog art heron art harvest mouse art goat art cobra drawing deer with wings art cat art turtle art sparrow art quail art ladybug art monarch butterfly art piglet art chicken art owl art crocodile art rooster art rabbit art dragon art spider art spider art raven art house art rose self-portrait as the sky, drawing Frida Kahlo art body image call them girls woman with fish woman women art art art David Bowie art portrait drawing art Kirk Reeves art art art self-portrait art Gwenn art

These little drawings on paper each take me a half hour or so. Sometimes, they’re my way of thinking out loud in a visual sense, helping me to sort out a problem in a simplified form but, more often that not, I make them just to get back to that pleasingly meditative space that they provide.

For the most part, no sooner are these colorful paper pieces done than they are in the mail to a friend or a client, often without being documented first. This is a small collection of the hundreds I’ve made over the years—my favorites of the ones I scanned before sending the work off into the world. The drawings are from many different years, all mixed up, and there is even one that I made as a 19 year old.

If you’re interested in owning a drawing of an animal of your choosing, you can commission one by supporting my art and my blog through Patreon. You can also commission a portrait drawing here or purchase pieces made in marker on paper here.