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painted portrait painted portrait painted portrait of a mother and child painted portrait painted portrait painted portrait of two girls mother and daughter painted portraits painted portraits of two cats painted portrait of a cat painting of a weedy sea dragon painting of a deer

In 2011, I moved to a new studio and did a fair amount of commission work, like most of the paintings in this gallery. What’s more, I worked a lot on a new series of paintings that are not portraits, and, with the help of a lot of lovely people, I ran a successful Kickstarter for the series. Crime Against Nature also received a Regional Arts and Culture Council grant.

On the exhibition end of things, Subjective’s many month tour finally ended in 2011 in Washington state, and I was pleased to participate in A Somewhat Secret Place, a show focusing on disability and its status in art and in society. For more information about the latter, please visit this article on my blog.

I was interviewed by Cory Huff of The Abundant Artist and part of our conversation is available here. Also my vocal support of free culture was noted by Barry Johnson at Oregon ArtsWatch, and my work ended up on page 18 of this issue of the Oregon Quarterly, the magazine of the University of Oregon.