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Robyn Powell-Herbold Beth Berends portrait painting of a boy with wasps on his face Gabe Carleton-Barnes Jennifer Viviano and Fritz Paulus Darin Sands Chuck Colman Lynne Mishler Richard Seemel Reed Coleman Ella Jaroszewicz Mead Hunter Lindsay Lucas Julianna Jaffe Wade McCollum kollodi Nishimoto Norton Chris Murray Sara Kennedy Doug Mitchell Nathan Markewicz Teela Labrum Jessica Mockett Oregon artist Gwenn Seemel Gwenn Seemel Gwenn Seemel Kristan Seemel Kristan Seemel a Brittany

In 2004, I spent quite some time in theaters, both on and off stage. I performed with various ensembles but most memorably in a show my brother directed brilliantly. Kristan crafted an amazing production of Mac Wellman’s A Murder of Crows with defunkt theater’s crack design team. He cast me as a crow—and, oddly enough, it was not actually the first time I had played a blackbird on stage.

My brother also asked me to paint the backdrops for the piece, wall hangings whose combined dimensions were twelve by fifty-two feet. Painting with the canvas laid out on the floor, I experienced the glee of Pollock and any action painter who has followed in his paint-stained footprints.

To see where 2004 took me conceptually, check out Snow Days, a series of portraits of television news personalities.