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In 2006, I did something that I hadn’t done in a long time: I participated in a couple of group shows. I poked fun at some curators with my contributions to the Portland Art Centers’ Boredom: I Learned It By Watching You, and I explored my relationship with my partner in Scott Wayne Indiana’s inCLOVER.

That second theme was something that I had on my mind in 2006. By the time inCLOVER opened, I had already made my sweetheart the accidental focus of my conceptual series, Mutually Beneficial.

Seeing Gwenn’s other work, I already knew how accurately she captures her subjects. She works in a brushy, gestural style, exposing the anatomical structure beneath the skin, which seems to reveal a layer of vulnerability and truth. This made me nervous. If the painting captured the real me, and no one liked it, does that mean no one likes the real me?

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