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painted portrait Matt Burton, New Jersey girl woman woman horse portrait dog portrait dachshund white papillon dog lion storm gulls chimp and canary sea turtles black goldfish chickens hummingbird wolf ferret portrait ginger cat art golden retriever dog rusty blackbird albatross golden-tailed sapphire hummingbird house portrait scottish terrier sculpture turtle sculpture rooster sculpture

2016 was my first full year in my new home of New Jersey. Most of it was spent in Surf City, just a block from the ocean, except when I was in Oregon for a conference to promote Cory Huff’s How to Sell Your Art Online, a book which features my career, and when I was in Belgium for an exhibition of my art. I love living by the beach and I adore the community I get to be a part of, including the MT Burton Gallery, which shows my art!

My marketing expertise was recognized in interviews with Your Creative Push, the Redbubble Blog, and Jackson’s Art Blog as well as in a mention on 99U. This shout-out from a fellow artist made me very happy, as did this article in my local paper, The SandPaper. I also got a bit of French press in the form of this post on Mr Mondialisation.

Mr Mondialisation

screenshot of Mr Mondialisation

The stakes are high in this seemingly playful and light children’s book.

     — - Staff, Mr Mondialisation, August 2016 -- - full story in French

The SandPaper

screenshot of The SandPaper

Her style is at once explosively colorful and tightly controlled—expressive faces on evocative backgrounds and pleasing shapes in elaborate settings.

     — - Victoria Ford, The SandPaper, September 2016 -- - full story

Redbubble blog

screenshot of the Redbubble Blog

Seemel infuses her art with passion, color and confidence.

     — - Staff, Redbubble Blog, November 2016 -- - full story