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painted portrait of a family painted portrait of a baby boy painted portrait of a man sleeping painted portrait of Charlotte Hager painted portrait of a man and his kitty painted portrait little girl and her dog painted portrait little girl and horse a woman painting of a woman's back appaloosa pegasus

In 2013, I got married to my very favorite person, and, while that certainly qualifies as the highlight, the whole year was full of good things. To begin with, in the studio, I got to focus on some intriguing commission work and I started a new conceptual series of portraits.

And, outside the studio, things got interesting too. For one thing, my work went national. To explain: I spoke about the dangers of copyright at a technology conference in DC in the spring.

Gwenn Seemel at the American Association for the Advancement of Science

still from event video

In Washington once again in September, I explored how art and science are both about questions instead of answers for an event at the American Association for the Advancement of Science headquarters as part of The Art of Science Policy show, which featured some of my work. My talk is available here.

What’s more, some of my work appeared in an ad for the Gap. For more about my decision to sell my work to this company and about some of the responses I got to my decision, go here and here.


screenshot of Hyperallergic


screenshot of BoingBoing

Also, Crime Against Nature, the series and book which I launched in 2012, was translated into Chinese and featured variously across the Interwebs, most notably on BoingBoing, Hyperallergic, Apartment Therapy, Scientific American, and About.com.

Art Marketing, digital book by Gwenn Seemel

Art Marketing the digital book

And, finally, to celebrate my tenth anniversary as a full-time working artist, I wrote this e-book. It’s about how art marketing isn’t just about selling more art. You can read it here for free, or there’s a downloadable PDF of the book available for $3.

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