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Taiwanese-American Richard Nixon

Gwenn Seemel
Nixon returning home robed in embroidered silk (Taiwanese-American, Roger)
acrylic on canvas scroll
24 x 68 inches

$2000 (Email me for details.)

This was not my first painting on a scroll of canvas. In 2006, I made two works on unmounted fabric, this one and this one, and I regularly paint directly on canvas bags.

To learn more about the making of Roger’s portrait, please visit this article on my blog. And below please find the subject’s answer to this question: what does it mean to be an American?

American is an unique identity. Being Asian is to be a condition of history, while being an American is to be an experience of inconsistent ideologies. The conditions of history have molded our identity so there is less discrepancy between what we believe and what we experience (but also the shallow comfort of an afterlife) but being an American is to live a life that has a huge gap when what we believe and what we experience. The joy and challenge of being an American is to find true experience among inauthentic landscape. While there may not be comfort, there is always novelty.

- Roger