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Chandra Roxanne

Gwenn Seemel
The next president (African American, Chandra Roxanne)
acrylic on denim
34 x 31 inches

At the time when I created this portrait, I was painting lots of things that were new to me, not the least of which was the eagle. I’ve since painted one again, and I repurposed the stars to reference not American patriotism but French art in this painting.

To learn more about the making of The next president, please visit this article on my blog. And below please find the subject’s answer to this question: what does it mean to be an American?

I never think about what it means to be an American. That term does not fit me; it is too small, too limiting. To do so would require me to divide myself into pieces-categories.

My name means “Moon Shining Bright…”

You see, as an American I am considered a minority but as the moon I am bright, a heavenly body—full, complete, and endowed with a godly light and subtle power, limited by no one, controlled by no one—shining.

- Chandra Roxanne