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painted portraits by Becca Bernstein and Gwenn Seemel

Becca Bernstein and Gwenn Seemel
2010 and 2009
acrylic on wood and canvas
36 x 60 inches (combined dimensions)

My portrait of Becca’s father shows him as King Henry VIII, based on the famous portraits by Hans Holbein the Younger. I like referring to other artists’ work in my own, like here and here for example. In the case of Becca’s father, I turned him into a king because of something he said in out interview and because I wanted his portrait to relate to the portrait of my father from Subjective, a painting that’s also ultimately about kings.

To learn more about the making of my half of this diptych please visit this article, and to find out more about the series as a whole check out this category of my blog.